Denis Devichensky (Guitar, Bass [since 2012], Azeroth), Anton Ryzhev (Guitar), Pavel Mosin (Drums [since 2013], Change Of Loyalty, The Nameless Cult), Daniel (Guitar, Back Vocals [since 2001], The Nameless Cult), Casper (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Violin [since 2001], God Eat God, The Nameless Cult), Anton Rosa (Vocals, Guitar [since 2001], God Eat God, The Nameless Cult, ex-Tentamentum), Kat (Violin [2003-2007]), Egor Zhibinov (Drums [2001-2003], died 21/04/2003, ex-Tentamentum), Pavel Lineykin (Keyboard [2004]), Dmitry Sigal (Keyboard [2004-2006]), Filipp Terpetsky (Drums [2002], ex-Perimeter), Indub (Bass [2001-2002] [2003-2006]), Papa (Drums [2003-2011]), Goodwin (Bass [2006-2010], Koma), Aleksandr Kokorin (Bass [2002-2003]), Anna Bagmet (Vocals [2002-2003])

Dominia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) genre: Gothic/Doom/Death Metal The band has released two albums - "Divine Revolution" (2006) and "Judgement Of Tormented Souls" (2008).

The new third album "Theophania" is on its way. Dominia's distinctive feature is heavy sound allied with symphonic keyboard instruments and leading violins..

Dominia is a Russian doom/melodeath band. Unique sound of Dominia is based on classic music traditions, catchinness of melodeath, melancholy of strings.