WrathLord (Drums [since 2002], Gjallarhorn (ITA), Fiurach, Deathraid), Deathmaster (Vocals [since 1997], Agarthi, Fiurach, Gjallarhorn (ITA), ex-Warhammer (ITA)), Christian "Nidhoggr" Grilli (Bass [since 2011], Gjallarhorn), Gianluca Silvi (Guitar [since 2013], Battle Ram), Matteo Carnio (Guitar [since 2013], Fury N' Grace), Grom (Drums [1999-2002], Opposite Sides, Hortus Animae, ex-Psychofagist, ex-Ancient (NOR)), The Forger (Guitar [1999-2009]), Gabriele "Nightcomer" Grilli (Vocals [1998-1999], ex-Thy Majestie), Dark Omen (Bass [1998-2004]), Alessio Berlaffa (aka Sacred Heart) (Guitar [2003-2013]), Gianluca Ferro (aka Guardian Angel II) (Guitar [1999-2003], Time Machine), Guardian Angel (Guitar, Drums [1997-1999], ex-Warhammer (ITA)), Geilt (Bass [since 2004-2011], Agarthi, Fiurach, Deathraid, Midryasi)

DoomSword recorded their first demo in 1997 entitled Sacred Metal...

being one of the few new bands to play in the style of Heavy Metal they became legends of the underground. This was strengthened by the release of their self-titled debut CD now a classic of pure magic.

Resound the Horn, Let Battle Commence and My Name Will Live On followed and the fans quickly learned to expect the unexpected sound-wise as DoomSwords imagination, creativity and spirit have made them one of the most original bands of our time. .