Dragonheart (BRA)

Dragonheart (BRA)
Mauricio Taborda (Vocals, Bass), Marco Caporasso (Vocals, Guitar), Eduardo Marques (Vocals, Guitar), Marcelo Caporasso (Drums)

The real Dragonheart began on July 10, 1997 in Curitiba / Paraná / Brazil, as its members gathered to go to a concert of the German band gammaray.

The original lineup had the brothers Marco and Marcelo Caporasso, Eduardo Marques and Mauricio Taborda, all had experience in other bands, but had a common goal, playing professionally in a heavy metal band. For that joined some of his influences and personal tastes: Heavy Metal 80s, classical, medieval and Celtic.

Then they began to compose his first songs exploring beyond their influences and favorite bands, the main musical characteristics of each member, as extreme strength and accuracy of battery Marcelo Caporasso, the ability of the guitarist and singer Eduardo Marques, the striking picks and speed the guitar Marco Caporasso and aggressiveness on vocals of bassist Mauricio Taborda. With just over six months of rehearsals and five songs ready, already entered the studio to record the first demo-cd entitled "The Gods Of Ice".

CDs are in the songs "Gods Of Ice" (first composition of the band), "Night Corsaries", "Tied In Time," "Dynasty and Destiny" and "Mists Of Avalon". Recorded in Curitiba, between March and August / 1998, with limited resources, this demo-cd also had a limited number of copies (everything was paid by the band), but the main objective was achieved traced to that moment, it was attracting interest any label. In addition, due to the strategic distribution of the demo copies, have begun to emerge in the specialized media the first positive criticism of the band. After some negotiations, in May 1999 a contract was signed with the São Paulo Megahard label for the release of the first album.

The recordings were also made in Curitiba, Studio Clinic, between June and August / 1999, with the Murilo Rós production and Dragonheart own. The CD titled "Underdark" brought all the demo songs (re-recorded) and five new songs.

It was then officially launched in February / 2000, bringing a swift and remarkable Heavy Metal, with what has become a brand of Dragonheart, backing vocals, present in almost every song. No doubt the album had an excellent acceptance by the public and press, both national and international, receiving highly positive and glowing reviews.

With that from April / 2000, Dragonheart was invited to several shows, some of them deserve special mention, as the opening show of Nightwish in Curitiba / PR (14 / Jul / 2000), a Festival in Presidente Prudente / SP with an audience of about 3,000 people (18 / Nov / 2000) and the Brazil Metal Union 1 in Sao Paulo (09 / Dec / 2000). In early 2001 the band met and established a work plan, which were defined several steps of Dragonheart career, being the main, the definition of a trilogy (comprised of Marco Caporasso) for the next cd's band, the search with a new label and the intensification of the compositions of the songs that would be part of the second CD, to be called "Throne of The Alliance". In February / 2001, the band was contacted by a businessman, bringing a serious proposal and extremely compatible with what was in the plans, was then closed contract with HTR Records who arise to deal exclusively with the Dragonheart affairs.

Along with the label was made an extension of the Cd initial project, which established that the cover of the CD would be in charge of the renowned German artist Andreas Marschall and mixing and mastering were done in Finnvoxx Studio (Finland). The recordings took place again in Studio Clinic in Curitiba / PR, between June and August / 2001.

During this period the only break of the band was for the first Dragonheart the show in Rio de Janeiro on 28 / July / 2001. Due to various external problems the band (internal and external economy), the launch of the CDs would be done in November / 2001 was postponed until April / 2002, but the initial project with the HTR, the cover and the mastering of the CD were performed.

Then launched the anticipated album "Throne of The Alliance", the first chapter of a fantasy story that tells of the union of two kingdoms destroyed (Claymor and Fhalkior), seeking strength to ask for help from friends, fight for reconstruction of the two kingdoms. Once again the band receives an absolute majority in praise for Cd, receiving score of 9 Rock Brigade Magazine and 9 Magazine Roadie Crew, which also motivated the two magazines to publish articles on the Dragonheart in its editions 194 (September / 2002) by Rock Brigade and 41 (June / 2002) Roadie Crew.

The "Throne Of The Alliance" also was featured on the German Metal Reviews site that elected him as a highlight of July / 2002. Due to the difficulties faced by the label (in addition to the delay in the launch) the Dragonheart failed to make every show he wanted in 2002, performing some great shows, especially the Tribe Festival in São Paulo (04 / May / 2002), the first show in Santa Catarina, in the city of Blumenau (11 / May / 2002) and the latest show held by the band in Barueri / SP (24 / August / 2002). In the latter show Dragonheart made his only appearance as a trio, due to the departure of Eduardo Marques, officially communicated to the band 20 / August / 2002, despite the last-minute change everything went perfectly, being considered by the audience and the members as one of the best shows performed today.

In early September / 2002 was announced the entry of André Mendes (guitar and vocals), according to the band André was chosen because all the features that the band needed to complete and improve your training. André Mendes is a very experienced musician (has played in some bands in Curitiba) and will bring even more quality to Dragonheart, it has a sharper and more aggressive vocal timbre and is also an avowed lover of heavy metal eighties.

The premiere of André Mendes took place in Curitiba / PR, on 06 / December / 2002 in San Roque mill, making the opening for the German band Primal Fear. After that, two more shows have been held with the presence of André, one of them on 01 / February / 2003, the third edition of Brazil Metal Union (BMU), with an audience of 2,500 people. Fans of Dragonheart can rest assured that the band will continue following your plans, with the continuation of the story told in the album "Throne Of The Alliance" and the maintenance of sound style, Heavy Metal. In February 2005 was lançadoo second Vengeance In Black album produced by the band, mixed and mastered by renowned producer Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids), and art held again by the magician of brushes Andreas Marschall.

Continuing trilgogia, the album was full marks in all major means of metallic communications of the country, that due to its impeccable production and furious songs and well written. the album also features the participation of German Olaf Senkbeil vocalist, where he lends his beautiful timbre in an unforgettable ballad. In 2008 the band resolve celebrate its 10 years of band releasing a double album with his first album remastered, and other cd new music rarities, demos live shows, a treat for the fans. In 2010, leaves the drummer Marcelo Caporasso for personal reasons, and enter the no less powerful Thiago Mussi, in which we are finishing the last part of GRVAR saga.É wait and see .... In 2015 the band finishes his trilogy with his fifth CD called The Sanctuary Battle, produced by the band and guitarist André Mendes, mixed in the studio Avant-Garde at great Maiko Thome de Araujo, and still counting on the cover of talented the Serbian Dusan Markovic and struggling against all odds to place it on the market. ========================= Portuguese O verdadeiro Dragonheart teve início em 10 de julho 1997 em Curitiba/Paraná/Brasil, enquanto seus membros se reuniam para ir a um show da banda alemã Gammaray.

A formação original contava com os irmãos Marco e Marcelo Caporasso, Eduardo Marques e Mauricio Taborda, todos já tinham experiência em outras bandas, porém tinham um objetivo em comum, tocar profissionalmente em uma banda de Heavy Metal. Para isso juntaram algumas das suas influências e gostos pessoais: Heavy Metal dos anos 80, música clássica, medieval e celta.

Então começaram a compor suas primeiras músicas explorando além de suas influências e bandas preferidas, as principais características musicais de cada integrante, como a extrema força e precisão da bateria de Marcelo Caporasso, a habilidade do guitarrista e vocalista Eduardo Marques, as palhetadas marcantes e velocidade na guitarra de Marco Caporasso e a agressividade nos vocais do baixista Mauricio Taborda. Com pouco mais de seis meses de ensaios e cinco músicas prontas, já entraram em estúdio para a gravação do primeiro demo-cd entitulado "The Gods Of Ice".

Estão nesse Cd as músicas "Gods Of Ice" (primeira composição da banda), "Night Corsaries", "Tied In Time", "Dinasty and Destiny" e "Mists Of Avalon". Gravado em Curitiba, entre Março e Agosto/1998, com recursos limitados, esse demo-cd teve um número também limitado de cópias (tudo foi pago pela banda), porém foi conseguido o principal objetivo traçado até aquele momento, que era atrair o interesse de alguma gravadora. Além disso, devido à distribuição estratégica das cópias da demo, já começaram a surgir na mídia especializada as primeiras críticas positivas relativas à banda. Depois de algumas negociações, em Maio de 1999 foi assinado o contrato com a gravadora paulista Megahard para o lançamento do primeiro álbum.

As gravações também foram feitas em Curitiba, no Estúdio Clínica, entre Junho e Agosto/1999, contando com a Produção de Murilo da Rós e o próprio Dragonheart. O Cd entitulado "Underdark" trazia todas as músicas da demo (regravadas) e mais cinco novas músicas.

Foi então lançado oficialmente em Fevereiro/2000, trazendo um Heavy Metal veloz e marcante, com o que se tornou uma das marcas do Dragonheart, os backing vocals, presentes em quase todas as músicas. Sem dúvidas o álbum teve uma excelente aceitação..

New Member: Thiago Mussi, que substitiu Marcelo Caporasso, personal motives

Heavy / Power metal band from Curitiba, Brasil