Erkki Seppänen (Vocals [since 2007], Kypck, Made In Iron, ex-Ruinside), Akseli Kaasalainen (Keyboard [since 2006]), Seppo Kolehmainen (Guitar [since 2007], ex-Ruinside), Rami Keränen (Guitar [since 1999], founder member, Dawn Of Relic, Pisara), Petteri Rosenbom (Drums [1999-2005] [since 2010]), Heikki Ahonen (Bass [since 2009]), Esa Orjatsalo (Guitar [1999-2004]), Tomi Viiltola (Vocals [2002-2003], Ultimatium, Viilto, Santhyr, ex-Alliance), Arto Pitkänen (Drums [2007-2010]), Pasi Ristolainen (Bass [2002-2008]), Nils Nordling (Vocals [2005-2007], ex-Anthriel, Dirge Eternal), Mikko Mattila (Guitar [2004-2007], Whispered, ex-Crystalic), Rolf Pilve (Drums [2005-2007], Amoth, Code for Silence, Full Scale Conflict, Megiddon, Random Eyes, Reversion, Solution 45, Status Minor, Stratovarius, The Magnificent), Jarkko Ahola (Vocals [2004-2005], Teräsbetoni, Ahola, Northern Kings, ex-Cosmic Spell, ex-Bulldozer), Turkka Vuorinen (Keyboard [1999-2006], Moonmadness), Alois Weimer (Bass [2000-2002], ex-Frostborn)

It all began in 1999, from an idea by Rami Keränen of a band called Dreamtale.

Thoughts turned into reality in the end of that year and the first songs of Dreamtale were captured on tape. This recording would later be known as “Shadow of the Frozen Sun.” The second demo-recording or, as a matter of fact, several dozens of them ended up in a Japanese record shop DiskHeaven, and through them Dreamtale got the attention of local metalheads.

The excitement that followed resulted in several foreign record labels offering various kinds of recording deals. The biggest independent label in Japan contacted Spinefarm in the Autumn of 2001 and informed them of their willing to license Dreamtale’s album in Japan.

And after people in Finland followed suit with Japan, Dreamtale and Spinefarm signed a contract in December 2001. In 2002, the band’s debut Beyond Reality was released. Vocals were sung by Rami Keränen, Sanna Natunen and also the man known from bands like Nightwish & Tarot – Marco Hietala. Next year, 2003, saw the Publishing of Ocean’s Heart.

On this album the vocalist was Tomi Viiltola, but unfortunately the band and Tomi parted ways due to a problematic 400km distance. Ocean’s Heart-album also features the singing talent of Rainer Nygård from Diablo. After that, in 2004, the band took a break, concentrating on writing new material and recording the third album. In 2005, Difference appeared.

The Japanese bonus track “Powerplay” was released as a single, which immediately went number 9 on the official single chart in Finland. On this album the vocals were sung by Jarkko Ahola, who is no stranger to Finnish metal fans. Now we are in the dawn of a new age, the 4th album "Phoenix", released in Europe through Motley Ltd., in Japan/Thailand/Korea through Marquee / Avalon and in Russia through Fono Ltd.

New members bring New Life, yet holding on to the Memories of Time, because they are not Yesterday's News! ‘The Tale’ is moving onwards, spreading its wings and rising high in the heavy-metal heavens..

http://www.dreamtale.org http://www.recordshopx.com/artist/dreamtale