Echoes Of Eternity

Echoes Of Eternity
Duane Cowan (Bass ex-Vomit Remnants), Bryan Eagle (Guitar), Brandon Patton (Guitar), Kirk Carrison (Drums), Francine Boucher (Vocals), Sam Young (Guitar), James Urias (Guitar)

The aggression of extreme metal combined with the soaring and dynamic vocals of front-woman Francine Boucher!!!.

ECHOES OF ETERNITY formed in Los Angeles in 2005. We released a 4 song demo in Dec 2005 and signed with NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS in 2006. In Feb 2007, our first album, THE FORGOTTEN GODDESS, was released. North American tours with SYMPHONY X and EDGUY soon followed. In 2009 we released our second album, AS SHADOWS BURN, which was produced by former MACHINE HEAD guitarist Logan Mader.

Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal