Jonah Weingarten (Keyboard [since 2007], Pyramaze, Written In Blood, ex-Avian, ex-Infernal Method, ex-Lilitu), Adam Sagan (Drums [since 2009], Final Darkness, Halcyon (USA), Skindustry, ex-Eumeria, ex-Into Eternity, Circle II Circle), Yan Leviathan (Guitar [since 2007], Avian), Sam Van Moer (Bass [since 2011], Gracepoint), Chelsea Wrathchild (Vocals [since 2013]), Melissa "Missy" Ferlaak (Vocals [2009-2012], Plague Of Stars, ex-Visions Of Atlantis, ex-Aesma Daeva, ex-Adyta), Suvi Virtanen (Vocals [2007-2009], Silent Rites, Dying Daylight, ex-Therion), John Gensmer (Drums [2007-2009], Epicurean), Brian Hollenbeck (Vocals, Bass [2007-2011], Avian)

ECHOTERRA was formed by Jonah W and Yan Leviathan in 2007.

The duo spent most of 2007 and 2008 writing the songs for Echoterra's debut, The Law Of One. In 2008, Suvi Virtanen joined the band as the vocalist. The remainder of the line up was complete when Brian Hollenbeck joined on bass and vocals, and John Gensmer on drums. 2009 was spent mostly in the studio and the album was completed in the summer. The Law Of One was released in North America via Blinding Force Recordings in September of 2009.

It is available world wide via Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, and other popular sites. In late 2009, Melissa Ferlaak replaced Suvi on vocals and Adam Sagan replaced John on drums. A change was needed in order to allow ECHOTERRA the opportunities to perform live.

With the new lineup in place, the band will perform regularly starting in early 2010. A brand new EP featuring Melissa on vocals is now available. The band is in pre-production for the next full album with an anticipated release date of summer 2011. .