Eden's Curse

Eden's Curse
Paul Logue (Bass), Pete Newdeck (Drums), Steve Williams (Keyboard DragonHeart (UK), David Shankle Group, ex-Power Quest), Thorsten Koehne (Guitar), Nikola Mijic (Vocals Alogia, Dreyelands, Expedition Delta), Alessandro Del Vecchio (Keyboard), Ferdy Doernberg (Keyboard Therion, Rough Silk, Axel Rudi Pell, Shock Machine, Roland Grapow, ex-Dezperadoz, ex-Rick Renstrom, ex-Taraxacum), Marco Sandron (Vocals [2012-2012]), Michael Eden (Vocals [2006-2011])

Facebook page of Multinational Melodic Metal band Eden's Curse.

Hailing from four different countries - Scotland, Germany, Serbia & Finland. These guys have five studio & one live album/DVD under their belts.

They have toured with Dream Theater, Michael Schenker Fest, Stratovarius, Firewind & Alestorm and worked with James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Andi Deris (Helloween), Liv Kristine (Leaves' Eyes), Pamela Moore (Queensryche), Tony Harnell (TNT), Doogie White (Rainbow, Schenker, Malmsteen), David Readman (Pink Cream 69), & Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69, Gus G) and many more. Signed to German label AFM Records..

Multinational Melodic Metal band EDEN'S CURSE will release their fifth studio album "Cardinal" via AFM Records on October 14th, 2016. Produced by Paul Logue and Thorsten Koehne, "Cardinal" contains 12 songs with all of the usual EDEN'S CURSE trademark melodies, hooks and riffs. Written mainly by the band's long established writing team of bassist and founding member Paul Logue, guitarist Thorsten Koehne and former drummer Pete Newdeck (Tainted Nation), what is immediately apparent about "Cardinal" is that it showcases some of the group's heaviest and most progressive moments to date. "We took two years to write this album, because ‘Symphony Of Sin’ was such a successful album for us. We like to do things properly in this band and explore every possible opportunity to make each moment of every song the very best that it can be. We are not the type of band to just churn out songs with next to no quality control - we scrutinize every riff, lick, hook, melody, lyric and ask - can we do it better? This has been a long and hard collaborative process that has not only produced some of the best songs we have ever written, but some of the best collective performances on any EDEN'S CURSE album yet" enthuses bassist Paul Logue. Guitarist Thorsten Koehne added "We are known as EDEN'S CURSE for writing some good hooks, so we can always come up with that, but one thing we wanted to do on this album was bring out the technical side of the band a little more as well as make it heavier". "Cardinal" is the first studio album to feature drummer John Clelland (Code Of Silence), who appeared on 2015's "Live With The Curse" double live release, and new Finnish keyboard player Christian "Chrism" Pulkkinen (Simulacrum, Adamantra). Opener "Prophets Of Doom" hurtles out of the speakers with its double bass attack and strong riffing, wrapped around some huge vocal hooks and multi-layered keyboards - it's a signal of intent! Followed hot on its heels is lead single "Sell Your Soul" - an uplifting, upbeat and extremely catchy song featuring some wonderful guitar/synth interplay between Koehne and Chrism, again topped off by the fabulous voice of Mijic. The sensational near 7 minute epic progressive ballad "Find My Way" is, simply put, one of the finest songs EDEN'S CURSE has ever written. With sonic layers and huge dynamic landscapes, it’s candy for the ears on this passionate and epic track - that simply has everything! From Mijic's heartfelt vocals, Chrism's subtle piano and overblown keyboards, Logue and Clelland's thunderous rhythms, Koehne's razor sharp guitars, the wall of orchestral strings to its anthemic soar-away chorus - this song is a real tour de force! "Unconditional" is a stunning radio-friendly track featuring a duet between Mijic and former Leaves’ Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine. "It's not a ballad, per se, as it rocks out in places, but it's a song very much in the same vein as Unbreakable, with its pop sensibilities, style and melodies. It could arguably be the most commercial sounding track we've ever written! The contrast between Liv and Nikola's voices works so well and adds a real personal touch to what is essentially a love song" declares Logue. Liv Kristine comments "It was such a pleasure and honor working with EDEN'S CURSE. I love this track - it's like the freshness of a sunny, really early Saturday morning. It's powerful, highly interesting and passionate. Nikola's voice is outstanding and gripping - a superb duet partner! I hope we get the chance to perform Unconditional live some day". Closing "Cardinal" is the album’s second epic track, the near 8 minute "Jericho", based on the biblical tale of the Battle of Jericho. A real story both lyrically and musically, it is quintessential EDEN'S CURSE and destined to become a live fan favourite. "It has everything including the kitchen sink in it! I really wanted to write a long epic tune that has lots of dynamics, musically and lyrically, and could take the listener on a journey into the heartlands of the desert. This song was really great fun to write, together with Thorsten, especially the long instrumental section in the middle. I think this will be great fun to play live! It sounds like our songs No Holy Man and Jerusalem Sleeps marry, have a baby and name him Jericho" remarks Logue. "Cardinal" is once again superbly mixed by the band’s long time engineer Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Pink Cream 69, Krokus, Angra), with the artwork designed by another established collaborator in graphic designer Thomas Ewerhard (Edguy, Avantasia, Jorn Lande, James LaBrie, Masterplan). It is presented in a stunning triple gatefold digipak offering. "Each EDEN'S CURSE album has its own unique identity and Cardinal is no different. Besides the old guard of Thorsten and I, the newer guys like John and Chrism have added so much to the sound. John's accurate and tasteful drumming is a real highlight on the record and Chrism could very well be the best keyboard player we have ever had. Great sounds, ideas and the interplay with Thorsten is at times breathtaking! Nikola continues to go from strength to strength as the band’s singer and proves to be a real find for us vocally and as a person, and the bass and songs aren’t so bad either haha! The record has some absolute classics that will waltz into our live set with consummate ease. We are extremely proud of what is our biggest production to date. We love it and know our fans will too" beams Logue. Eden's Curse are: NIKOLA MIJIC [LEAD VOCALS] THORSTEN KOEHNE [GUITAR] PAUL LOGUE [BASS & VOCALS] CHRISM [KEYBOARDS & VOCALS] JOHN CLELLAND [DRUMS] Official Links : Website : www.edenscurse.com Facebook : www.facebook.com/edenscurseofficial Twitter : twitter.com/edenscurse Soundcloud : soundcloud.com/edenscurse YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/edenscurse Testimonials & Press Highlights : “ I fell in love with that voice, did you?". BRUCE DICKINSON // IRON MAIDEN “ In 2010 I was fortunate to discover Eden’s Curse. I absolutely love this band. Great players and people and they deserve nothing but huge success! They belong with the best of today's music. Trust me, you're going to love this from beginning to end". JAMES LABRIE // DREAM THEATER “They were unbelievable! Their songs are so good. You know what, straight up, I was heading to catering to grab a bite to eat when they started playing and I just sat down and didn’t say a word. I looked at the crew and said are you guys hearing this? They said ‘Yeah, they are REALLY good’. There is no bigger compliment I can pay those guys”. MIKE MANGINI // DREAM THEATER “You want first-class musicianship aligned to hummable hooks and growl-free vocals? Look no further than Symphony Of Sin”. DAVE LING // CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE “Constantly shifting moods, a broad range of tempos and emotions and a full-bodied production make “Symphony Of Sin” an absolute joy. Full marks and Album of the month"! DAVE COCKETT // POWERPLAY MAGAZINE “This phenomenal, talented band is back where they belong with a stunning mixture of deeply melodic songs. Fantastic!”. MATTHIAS MINEUR // CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE [GERMANY] "You'll also discover one of the best songs you'll hear in recent months from any band, namely the radio-friendly Unbreakable, which dances and soars with a sure footed purpose. No shortage of positive energy here: Symphony Of Sin is bang on the money". RICHARD THOMPSON // CLASSIC ROCK AOR MAGAZINE "On the new album, with a fresh line-up, they have taken everything to a new level. This is one of the best albums you will hear in 2013. It has instant tunefulness & musical depth”! MALCOLM DOME // CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE & BLOODSTOCK RADIO "The best Curse album yet, new singer is superb, the album is a cracker”! TOM RUSSELL // REAL RADIO XS "As good as the performances and production are, it's the songs that make these extra touches possible, and on 'Symphony Of Sin' they've got all of the composite parts completely nailed down. A future classic!". PHIL ASHCROFT // FIREWORKS MAGAZINE “Power, melody, harmonies and major label production. Terrific songs and a wholly likeable singer brings this band to new heights and kick-starts them into a new chapter with plenty more to come”. ANDREW McNEICE // MELODICROCK.COM "Until this point, Eden's Curse had released three very good albums that contained moments of greatness. With its all killer no filler track list, 'Symphony Of Sin' is their first truly great album". SIMON RAMSAY // STEREOBOARD.COM "Eden’s Curse have removed their curse of recent years and bounced back with a class product and a vocalist that can take them onwards and upwards". PHIL BERISFORD // GETREADYTOROCK.COM

If you love bands like Queensryche, Dokken, Journey and Dream Theater, then Progressive Power AOR band Eden's Curse are the best band you've never heard!