Hedrykk F. Gausenatt (Guitar Lost World Order, Demon In A Manger), Marlek (Drums Funeral Procession, Zerstörer, ex-Eismalsott), Alboin (Bass Enid, Funeral Procession, Inarborat, Lantlôs, ex-Eismalsott), Cypher D. Rex (Vocals, Keyboard Lost World Order, Armageddon (GER), Stench Of Styx, Funeral Procession, ex-Eismalsott), Faruk (Keyboard, Effects Fluoryne, Fester 2000), Larva B. Caneer (Guitar Lost World Order), Renegade A. Rex (Guitar Lost World Order, Armageddon (GER)), Padraiq (Bass Lost World Order), Thalos (Bass Enid, Eismalsott, Malicious Conspiration, Ambassador Of Anguish), Diana d'Hourtinet (Keyboard)

After three highly respected albums – the obscure, eccentric, furious, resignative "Patina" (2005), the warmer, melancholic, autumnal "Kainsmal" (2007) and the cold, oceanic "Galeere" – EЇS are amongst Germany's most promising black metal bands when releasing their fourth album "Wetterkreuz" in September 2012 and the fifth one "Bannstein" in 2015. All works of EЇS are united by a common theme – the gap between the artist, his personality and inner worlds on the one side and the outer world with its lack of morals and spirit on the other.

"From our first album on, we have written about man's moral decline, decrying and deploring and describing it, while also trying to counteract it in our lyrics. This I would see as EЇS's credo," offers main man Alboin. All fans can support one or more bands from our roster by doing some simple promotion - work! If you're interested to do this, please send an email, including the band-name, to: manuela@prophecyproductions.de.


Albums and merch: http://eiswebshop.bigcartel.com/ Bandcamp: http://eis-de.bandcamp.com/ Booking: alboin@the-eis-reich.de