Elixir (UK)

Elixir (UK)
Paul Taylor (Vocals Midas), "Stormin" Norman Gordon (Guitar), Kevin Dobbs (Bass), Phil Denton (Guitar), Nigel Dobbs (Drums), Stevie Hughes (Drums Adrenalin Kick), Clive Burr (Drums died 12/03/2013 (multiple sclerosis), Iron Maiden, Alcatrazz, Praying Mantis, Gogmagog (UK), Trust (FRA), Desperado (US), Samson (UK), Stratus), Stevie Blentley (Guitar), Sally Pike (Vocals), Mark White (Bass)

Elixir is a British heavy metal band, formed by Steve Bentley, Kevin Dobbs, Nigel Dobbs and Phil Denton in November 1983.

They are notable for being associated with the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement. The band spent the first time after having formed writing material and rehearsing. After brief stints as "Purgatory" and "Hellfire" the members finally decided on naming the band "Elixir".

According to the biography on the band's website the name was chosen through Steve Bentley closing his eyes and putting his finger on a word in a dictionary at random. In need of a vocalist Elixir recruited singer Sally Pike, but after recording a four song demo tape and playing two gigs together, she left the band by the end of the year.

In 1984 Pike was replaced by Paul Taylor, and later the same year guitarist Norman Gordon joined the band to fill the vacant spot left by Steve Bentley, who departed after Elixir had completed their second demo tape. Two years later, the band recorded their first album The Son of Odin. In issue 137 (Nov 2005) of Terrorizer magazine, the album was included in the top 20 power metal albums of all time, alongside Judas Priest's Painkiller, Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II and Cirith Ungol's King of the Dead. Elixir recorded their second album Sovereign Remedy in 1988 with Mark White on the bass and former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr.

Stevie Hughes replaced Burr for the band's live commitments through 1989. At the end of the year, Phil Denton quit the band and was replaced by Leon Lawson for several live shows before the band came off the road. In 2001 the band reverted back to the Paul Taylor, Phil Denton, Norman Gordon, Kevin Dobbs and Nigel Dobbs line up and recorded their third album The Idol.

With rising popularity, the band toured around various countries such as Greece, Germany and the USA. Elixir recorded their fourth album Mindcreeper in 2006, which was released by Majestic Rock. Albums The Son of Odin (1986) Sovereign Remedy (1988) The Idol (2003) Mindcreeper (2006) All Hallows Eve (2010) Singles Treachery (1985) Knocking on the Gates of Hell (2006) .