Man X (Drums Whisky Of Blood), Emmanuelson (Vocals, Guitar Whisky Of Blood, Rising Steel, ex-Veloce Hystoria), Phil Arms (Guitar Whisky Of Blood), Fla Eklectica (Bass, Keyboard), Khallys (Keyboard)

Ellipsis: Some might say: it’s weird music for schizos, others: original and fascinating! Ellipsis was born in 1999 with "Build The Nation"...

Without any compromise, these talented musicians have always managed to improve and expend with their musicianship, to create a unique sound of their own. Their debut concept-album, Comastory, was released in 2003… Thanks to the success of this release, the band was able to support Sweden famous act, Opeth, for the french dates of their European Tour.

The response from audience and press was overwhelming. This allowed the band to make a stir on the metal scene and Ellipsis started to make a name of themselves not only in their area and homeland but also worldwide. In 2005, "From Beyond Thematics" was recorded with famous norwegian producer Terje Refsnes ( Tristania, Theatre Of Tragedy, Nightmare, Morgul, Sirenia… ), on the helm.

Musically, this new opus is very powerful, unique, « psychotic » and even more atmospheric, featuring sophisticated arrangements. From Beyond Thematics is yet a new concept album dealing lyrically with the threshold and the riddles of their mysterious world.

With ten tracks each of them being very original, Ellipsis has managed to bewitch our senses and to explore the realms of the forbidden. Once again, the international press acclaimed the album and propelled it to a recognition highly deserved.

This being a real springboard for the live experience, and the band was able to hit the roads. Since the release of From Beyond Thematics, Ellipsis has scheduled several concerts opening for acts such as Nightmare, After Forever ,Manigance, without forgetting a memorable show at the Rotonde Festival (05/05).

Since, the band also played in support of norvegians Arcturus for their first french tour. Then it was time for Ellispis to release a new album, this one being entitled Imperial Tzadik : an offering that is even more powerful and «psychotic » to be released in November 2006.

With the signing to a new label, Thundering Records and with new goals to achieve. And once again, the international press acclaimed the album and propelled it to a recognition highly deserved.

2009 : With The Grace Decapitated, expect the unexpected through a unique musical universe! Welcome to crazyness and emotions, to power and originality! The band has now improved to a new dimension that will invade your soul… The end complete is near… Be prepared! 2020 : Sadistikal Mentaculus !!!! Soon !!! .

PSYCHO METAL, new album soon !!! For fans of Devin Townsend, Dimmu Borgir, Meshuggah, Voivod, Mayan....