Embrace Of Thorns

Embrace Of Thorns
Antonis Lambrakis (aka Apostle of Thy Blackest Light) (Bass [since 2013], Necrovorous, ex-Decomposed Existence, ex-Mallediction), Kostas K. (aka Archfiend Devilpig) (Vocals, Bass, Drums Necrovorous, Serpent Noir), Vaggelis Felonis (Drums, Back Vocals Burial Hordes, Coprovomit, Cthonic Aura, Heretic Cult Redeemer, More Of Myself To Kill, Necrovorous, Overcast, Resurgency, Sacral Rage, ex-Necrosis), Nick Mirisiotis (aka Fallen Angel of Fornication) (Guitar [since 2013], live member, Impure Worship, ex-Helvete), Anastasis Valtsanis (aka Abomination Virginborn) (Guitar Dead Congregation, ex-Nuclear Winter, ex-Straighthate), Necromancer666 (aka Christ Molestor) (Bass Cthonic Aura, War Possession, Wargoat)

EMBRACE OF THORNS started it's nihilistic ,blasphemous way towards the grandeur of the final victory in 1998.The raging black/death manifestations are,since then,perpetually expanding and evolving,vomiting fire and curses,continuing the tradition of the incarnated forms of darkness that declared war on the unsuspected feeble zealots almost three decades ago in the temple of black/death vortex. Demonography: Daemonia Profundi Demo 1999 The Inevitable Twilight of the Judeochristian Lie Demo 2003 Stench of the Deceased Martyrs Demo 2004 Chants of Atomic Genocide Demo 2004 In Embracing of the Goat Split 2006 ...For I See Death in Their Eyes...

Full-length 2007 Abominable Ceremonial Torment Split 2009 Atonement Ritual Full-length 2009 Prevalence: A Decade of Atomic Genocide Compilation Feast of the Diabolical Split 2011 Praying for Absolution Full-length 2011 Emissaries of a profane advent split 10" ep 2012 A Plague through the Heavens split lp/cd with Maveth 2014 Darkness Impenetrable fullength lp/cd/pic.lp/die-hard lp 2015 .

HOLINESS HAS EXPIRED...NONE SHALL BE REDEEMED Official Embrace of Thorns profile

Hymns to the Horned Father of Consciousness ... Devotion to the temple of Black Death since 1998.