Emergency Gate

Emergency Gate
Matthias Kupka (Vocals ex-Suidakra), Mario Lochert (Bass ex-Visions Of Atlantis), Roman Lutz (Drums), Daniel Schmidle (Keyboard), Udo Simon (Guitar), Fabian "Cem" Kießling (Vocals, Guitar), Chris Wildmann (Drums ex-Stormhammer), Dominik Scholz (Drums Lacrimas Profundere), Vladi Doose (Guitar), Chris Rybak (Keyboard), Raphael Saini (Drums)

Emergency Gate is a Modern Melodic-Death/Metalcore Band from Munich. The band was founded in 1996, but the only member remaining from the original line-up is bass-player and manager Mario Lochert. As a name the band had picked "Emergency Gate" because of the free advertisment by emergency gate signs everywhere. Their debut album "Nightly Ray" (2006, TNC/Universal) differs a lot from the the following records, which was mostly caused by songwriter, singer and guitar player Fabian Kie├čling, who left the band in 2008. On January 23rd 2009 the band released the album "Rewake" (Silverwolf Productions) featuring their new singer Matthias Kupka.

Also starting on that day the "Chaos over Europe 2009" tour took place, at which Emergency Gate played together with Kreator, Caliban and Eluveite for two months. After the summer festivals the band went right back to the studio to record the album "The Nemesis Construct", which was released on April 30th 2010 through Twilight Records)..

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