End Of You

End Of You
Marko Borodavkin (Bass [since 2009]), Joni Borodavkin (Keyboard [since 2003]), Jami Pietilä (Vocals [since 2003], ex-Afterworld), Jani Karppanen (Guitar [since 2003]), Otto Mäkelä (Drums [2009-2010]), Mika Keijonen (Drums [2004-2008]), Timo "Lede" Lehtinen (Bass [2003-2009], Kalmah, ex-Catamenia), Rami Kokko (Drums [2003-2004]), Heikki Sjöblom (Drums [2010-2011])

End Of You was formed in 2003.

After their first video and 7 song demo "Walking With No one" they raised significant interest amongst gothic metal listeners and were signed by Spinefarm Records (Universal). On November 2005 the first single "Walking with no one" reached No.

17 on the charts and got lot's of air time in Finnish radio stations. On January 4th, 2006 it was released in Europe and on March 29th, 2006 the anticipated debut album, Unreal, were released.

After Unreal End Of You was interviewed in many Finnish music magazines, radio/tv -shows and performed in music festivals. End Of You's 2nd album Mimesis was released on April 2008 and the single "You Deserve more" had a good reception on Finnish rock radio stations. On 2009 End Of You decided to part ways with Spinefarm Records and released their 3rd album "Remains of the day" together with Playground Records.

Single "Star Parade" had some radio play and can still be heard in playlists of many Finnish rock bars and nightclubs. After headlining a show at famous Tavastia rock club in Helsinki march 2011, End of You decided that is time to take a break after touring 8 years. After the decision End Of You's lead signer Jami Pietilä went around the world trip for almost a year. After the trip, End of You wrote enough material for couple albums, but decided not to complete and release those recordings at the time being.

For a while band members took some time to concentrate other projects, but on 2017 band got back together and decided that is time to release something new. Single "Stay" were released November 2017 and "Soul Eater" on May 2018. The summer of 2018 End of You will be back on stage and can be seen for example in John Smith Rock Festival in July.

Currently band is writing a new single..

https://endofyou.net https://twitter.com/endofyou https://youtube.com/endofyouband