Dominique (aka Yisterniis) (Guitar), Guido (aka Thrôr) (Drums), Benoît (aka Hysgarth) (Vocals, Guitar), Loïc (aka Mordred) (Bass, Back Vocals)

Since its creation in 1996, Enigmatik certainly became one of the most renowned death metal band in Switzerland.

With more than a hundred & fifty shows to his credit, the band has the honour to share the stage with metal acts such as Chimaira, Soulfly, Serj Tankian, Marduk, Necrophagist, Aborted, Unleashed, Dark Ages, Eminence, Zuul Fx and Furia to name a few. Two years after the release of the album 'Slitherin' signed on Thundering Records, Enigmatik changed his line up to include three new members.

few months after this radical change, the band flew to Nepal for three shows, including one at Silence Festival in front of more than three thousand people. Enigmatik released in 2011 a live DVD that was filmed during their performance at Rock Oz'Arènes Festival 2008. This release is the first collaboration with the record label Dirty & Weird and the distribution Non Stop Music Production which is the last production with the historical line up. Today, after searching for our ideal line up for a while… we are back with Dom G.

on the guitar (former member), Daniel C. on a five strings bass, Guido Wyss (historical drummer) handling the sticks and Ben Pluss (arrived in 2010) on vocals..

Progressive Death Metal

Swiss Progressive Death Metal since 1996