Aksu Hanttu (Drums [since 1995], Tuoni, ex-The Man-Eating Tree (live)), Jaani Kähkönen (Guitar [since 2001], ex-Tuoni), Tom Mikkola (Guitar [since 1995], ex-Tuoni), Mika Tauriainen (Vocals [since 1999], Frostlit, ex-Sham Rain), Joni Miettinen (Bass [since 1999], ex-Oath), Riitta Heikkonen (Keyboard [1998-2006]), Teppo Taipale (Bass [1995-1999]), Panu Willman (Vocals, Guitar [1997-1999])

Having started as a death metal ensemble, Lahti, Finland's Entwine have come a long way to be one of the leaders in the Finnish goth rock and metal scene.

Founded in 1997 and more or less having reached its current formation in the turn of the millennium Entwine have gradually grown their popularity and matured their sound from the melancholic approach so typical to Finns, towards a more accessible, international and modern sound. Another evolutionary leap from the more commercial Americanism and electro leanings of 2004’s “DiEversity” and heaviness of 2006’s “Fatal Design”, the latest step, “Painstained” presents an even more melody-oriented Entwine than any of its predecessors. The band has headed into yet another new direction.

Layering Mika Tauriainen’s melodic vocals over de-tuned and heavy guitars and the strong backbone of the Hanttu/ Miettinen rhythm section, with “Painstained” Entwine have truly come to their own. They’re ready to give the Lacuna Coils and HIMs of this world a run for their money. Having renewed their contract with Spinefarm Records and not needing to prove anything to anyone anymore, Entwine has managed to forge a living, breathing body of work with a seemingly unbreakable succession of highlights.

Starting with the radio single “Strife” and ranging to the last fading notes of “Say Goodbye”, “Painstained” is a captivating slab melodic supremacy. Broadening their musical horizons once more Entwine has created the ultimate goth rock sound; catchy and dark. In 2010 Entwine released their first compilation album, "Rough n’ Stripped", with 2 new songs.

The compilation is a double album, with the first CD containing the original versions of their best material and the second one featuring new acoustic or remixed versions of their lighter and mellower material. .

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