Ephel Duath

Ephel Duath
Marco Minnemann (Drums Necrophagist, Illogicist, Marco Ferrigno, Kreator, Psyaxis), Karyn Crisis (Vocals ex-Crisis), Davide Tiso (Guitar [since 1998] Glory, Manuscripts Don't Burn, Karyn Crisis), Steve DiGiorgio (Bass ex-Death, ex-Testament, ex-Autopsy, ex-Control Denied, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Dragonlord, Charred Walls Of The Damned, Sadus), Sergio Ponti (Drums [2006-2009], Illogicist, Marco Ferrigno, Dordeduh), Davide Piovesan (Drums [2002-2005]), Guillermo Gonzalez (Vocals [2009-2011], Fringe Self, Mother Care), Andrea Rabuini (Drums [2005-2006]), Luciano George Lorusso (Vocals [2002-2009], Kestmorg), Fabio Fecchio (Bass [2002-2007]), Davide Tolomei (Vocals [2002-2005]), Giuliano Mogicato (Vocals, All instruments [1998-2000], Fields Of Asphodel)

Ephel Duath is an Italian Avant-garde Metal band started by guitarist Davide Tiso in ‘98. During the spawn of fifteen years of music, Ephel Duath released four full length albums and two remix albums for three different labels: Code666 from Italy, Elitist Records and Earache Records from UK. Between 2003 and 2009 Ephel Duath have intensely played live, headlining several European Tours, taking part to some of the most important European summer festival and sharing the stage with some of the finest metal acts.

Currently based in San Francisco, CA, Ephel Duath is about to release a three track EP for their new label Agonia Records from Poland, featuring Karyn Crisis on vocals, Marco Minnemann on drums and Steve di Giorgio on bass. A new full length album is in the works and is expected in 2013. .

New Album "Hemmed by light, shaped by darkness" - out on November 19th in Europe and 26th in North America.