Essence (DK)

Essence (DK)
Martin Haumann (Drums), Rasmus kalke (Bass), Lasse Skov (Vocals, Guitar), Mark Drastrup (Guitar), Nefer (Vocals, Bass), Benjamin Atlas (Bass)

NEW SINGLE - Untouchable Essence are a Danish metal band with roots in thrash metal formed in 2005.

Although young, they're anything but greenhorns. They are now dropping already their third album - the first for their new label Spinefarm – signalling the beginning of a new era: a new kind of expression that is all about keeping it simple, melodic, and catchy, all the while capturing the youthful energies of four friends living out their passion.

Essence released their debut album, Lost in Violence, in 2011 and the 2nd, Last Night of Solace was dropped in 2013. The latter – produced by metal knob-twiddler extraordinaire Peter Tägtgren – was nominated for a Metal Hammer Award and took home the Rock the Nation Award.

The band was honoured with a Culture Award from the Danish government presented by the mayor of their home region. Narrowing the gap between the poppy energy of The Offspring and the youthful vehemence of early Metallica and Slayer, Essence's new album “Prime” is where the good music went. Throw in passionate Tom Araya screams for good measure and some modern thrash á la Trivium, and what you've got is a riveting combo of melodic and catchy, yet wildly thrashing metal.

Not just a one-trick pony, Essence also excel in writing captivating poppy rock songs like “Heart Of Gold” and “Untouchable”. You know, to keep the girls going where the guys will follow – the gigs. An energetic live act, Essence have already played more than 130 of those, and toured Europe several times supporting artists like Hypocrisy and Vader.

The band has also shared the stage with acts like Sepultura, In Flames and Megadeth and rocked the stages of Roskilde Festival, Copenhell and Metal Fest, and toured Denmark on several co-headline and headline runs. “Prime” already stirred a big buzz in Denmark before its completion, for being produced and mixed by a local celebrity – Grammy-nominated producer Rune Rask, part of Tabu Records and super popular group Suspekt. His previous work includes production work for hip hop superstars Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q, but this is the first rock/metal album Rask has ever produced.

Needless to say really, it's a hole-in-one. Some producers just have it.

Eat your beard out, Rick Rubin, we've got even reverb and delay! Both the band and their label are super stoked about their joint venture. "We are honoured to share our songs and visions with the single most AWE-FUKN-SOME label ever!" quoth the band, whereas Spinefarm A&R Euge Valovirta states, "The album is done and it’s f**ing amazing.

God damn, I’m excited!” The participants are dropping f-bombs for a reason. Now, just pop “Prime” in your player and join the exalting choir...

Essence are on their way to the top – it might take a year, it might take a day but what's meant to be will always find its way! Merchandise YouTube Vevo Spotify iTunes/Apple Music Instagram Twitter