Eternal Majesty

Eternal Majesty
Sagoth (Bass ex-Antaeus, ex-Ancestral Fog, ex-Reverence, ex-Aosoth), Navint Alfius (Vocals ex-Deviant), Thorgon (Drums ex-Antaeus, ex-Aosoth), Martyr (Guitar Atrox)

Born in 1995, Eternal Majesty has developed his own vision of Black Metal to celebrate your inside Darkness.

With his mid tempo, speed, a little bit melodic and depressive Black Metal, added arrangements are creating dark and cold atmospheres. Now Eternal Majesty is a vision beyond good and evil, a spectator of human misery.


Discography: 1997 - Dark Empire (Demo tape) 1998 - Split demo with Antaeus 2000 - Evil Consecration (Live tape) 2000 - None Shall Escape the Wrath (Split CD with Krieg, Judas Iscariot, and Macabre Omen) 2001 - Unholy Chants of darkness (Split LP with Temple of Baal) 2001 - SPK Kommando (Split EP with Deviant, Antaeus, Hell Militia) 2002 - From war to darkness (CD) 2003 - From war to darkness (Picture disk) 2005 - Night Evilness (Mcd) label Diahableries 2006 - Wounds of Hatred and slavery (Album Candlelight/appease me...)

French Black Metal Band of the 90's