Evil Lucifera

Evil Lucifera
Alexey Soloviev (Keyboard, Orchestration), Giuseppe Lavagna (Guitar, Bass), Gabriele Pala (Guitar, Keyboard), Evil Lucifera (Vocals [since 2009], founder member), Dean Mills (Guitar, Drums, Keyboard)


The band Evil Lucifera was founded by Italian singer Evil Lucifera at the end of 2009. After various experiences in bands where she wasn’t able to fully express her views on music and where her compositional skills are valued, she decided to embark on a solo path using collaborations with other musicians. The first Evil Lucifera CD “Atrium Infernalis” is out with " La Mazakuata Records " The music is symphonic and aggressive black metal, where force and violence are mixed with majestic keyboard melodies. The aggressive compositions are enriched at times by melancholic decadent elements. The overall sound is powerful and violent, there is no use of clean vocals, giving a total preference to screams and growling. The lyrics are surrounded by a misanthropic, Satanic and anti-Christian aura, hatred and vengeance are linked to the strong anger towards this world and its hypocrisy, touching religious themes, a constant search for spiritual superiority, a search of higher Satanic beliefs, of divine punishment for the stupidity of the masses. The band is currently working on the second album.

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