Exciter (CAN)

Exciter (CAN)
Dan Beehler (Vocals, Drums [1980-1988] [1992-1993] [since 2014], ex-Thrasher, ex-Beehler, ex-Jet Black), John Ricci (Guitar [1980-1985] [1992-1993] [since 1996], ex-Blackstar, ex-Hell Razor), Allan Johnson (Bass [1980-1988] [since 2014], ex-Beehler, ex-Jet Black), Jacques Bélanger (Vocals [1996-2001] [2003-2006]), Kenny "Metal Mouth" Winter (Vocals), Marc Charron (Bass [1996-2002]), Rob Malnati (Vocals [1988], ex-Crypt), Brian McPhee (Guitar [1986-1988]), Rik Charron (Drums), Paul Roland Champagne (Guitar [2003], Gévaudan, ex-Mog Ruith), Rob Cohen (Bass), David Ledden (Bass [1992], ex-Crypt)

Beginning their legendary status with the release of 1983’s classic debut, “Heavy Metal Maniac”, Canadian thrash metal legends, EXCITER, burst onto the scene and instantly made a mark on the metal world.

Their mark of metal excellence has continued for 30 years to the present day with the band’s current release, “Death Machine” (Massacre Records). Founding guitarist, John Ricci, picked up the reins in 1996 and Exciter has forged on ever since.

The current line-up is rounded out by drummer, Rik Charron, bassist, Clammy, and vocalist, Kenny “Metal Mouth” Winter. Exciter’s impressive history is proven through countless albums that have defined their importance on the scene including classic releases like 1984’s “Violence and Force” and 1985’s “Long Live the Loud”, into the 90’s with 1996’s “The Dark Command” and 2000’s “Blood of Tyrants”,through to newer albums with 2008’s “Thrash Speed Burn” and 2010’s “Death Machine”.

As a touring force in the 80’s, Exciter headlined across the US with Megadeth in support, and also toured with the likes of other legends, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Anthrax and Mercyful Fate, among others. Since the late 90’s, Exciter has crossed the globe with performances at major festivals like Wacken Open Air, Bang Your Head Festival, Keep It True Festival, Sweden Rock Festival, 70000 Tons Of Metal, as well as multiple European and South American tours.

2014 saw Exciter hit Japan for the first time ever, as well as making stops in Germany, Brazil, and Calgary, Alberta for the first time since the 80s. Exciter now moves ahead with plans for increased touring activity in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

Long live the loud indeed!.

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