Excruciate 666

Excruciate 666
Blasphemort (Guitar Peurs Ancestrales), Oswald (Drums), Morgraven (Vocals, Bass), Arghust (Guitar), Lord Vlad (Guitar [1995-2003]), Wolfheim (Drums [2005-2008] ex-Nürn), Iscarioth (Drums [1997-2004])

EXCRUCIATE 666 was created in 1994 by Morgraven and Blasphemort.

For this time, the style sharpened to give a war black metal appropriate for the band, in consonances thrash and war metal. The horde released 3 demos : Cutters up of carcass (1996), Dark Symphonies (1997) and Warblood (2001) who will be republished in EP in 2008 Some Split-albums will follow in association with other Black metal bands of brothers as PHOBOS (Cd - 2003), WARAGE (Ep - 2005), SOVEREIGN (Cd - 2009) and DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION (Ep - 2010).

EXCRUCIATE 666 released his first full-length album in 2010 "Riding Fire of Hate". The second full-length album was released in 2013 is called RITES OF TORTURERS.

Our Last production "Split album DECAYED/EXCRUCIATE 666 was Lusitanian & Gallic Black Terror " released in winter 2015 already available ! For all this time the band play on national and international stages. It is just the beginning …Time has come for us to show our supremacy!!! .