Eye Of Solitude

Eye Of Solitude
Tristan Jefferies (Guitar [since 2012]), Indee Rehal-Sagoo (Guitar [since 2011]), Chris Davies (Bass [since 2012], Seed Of Detest), Pedro Caballero Clemente (Keyboard [since 2012]), Daniel Neagoe (Vocals [since 2010], Unfathomable Ruination, ex-My Shadow, ex-Gothic, ex-Tiarra), Adriano Ferraro (Drums [since 2012], Nebukadnezza, Cythraul, ex-Justonefix), Matthew White (Bass live member), Federico Benini (Bass live member, Gorebound, Trifixion, Unfathomable Ruination, Viscera, Hades Lab, ex-Ditchcreeper), Jamie Sweeney (Guitar live member, Irony Of Christ, Trifixion, Viscera, Hades Lab, Vileape, ex-Ditchcreeper), Ewan Ross (Drums live member, In Fire Baptised, Sentenced To Suffer, Trifixion, ex-Abgott, ex-Viscera), Jeff Barber (Guitar live member, Khthon)


From a bedroom solo project to one of the leading forces in the European Doom / Death field, Eye of Solitude have proven themselves to be one the most talented and creative act of this scene within a couple years only (3 albums and 5 EPs in 5 years!). Mixing elements of Dark Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal or even Avantgarde and Traditional (Epic) Doom Metal to the basic Doom / Death formula, Eye of Solitude has no creative boundaries, adding new shades of black with each and every release, expanding the darkening of this Universe until it'll reach it's ultimate... Doom.

One of Europe's leading Funeral Doom / Death acts.