Fates Warning

Fates Warning
Bobby Jarzombek (Drums live member), Ray Alder (Vocals Engine, ex-Syrus (USA), Redemption), Jim Matheos (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard OSI, John Arch, Gordian Knot, John Arch, Arch - Matheos), Joey Vera (Bass Armored Saint, Engine, ex-Anthrax, Seven Witches, John Arch, Arch - Matheos), Joe DiBiase (Bass [1982-1996]), Steve Zimmermann (Drums [1982-1988]), Frank Aresti (Guitar [1986-1996]), Mark "Thunderchild" Zonder (Drums ex-Warlord (USA), Cans, At War With Self, Chroma Key, Jim Matheos, Slavior), John Arch (Vocals John Arch, Arch - Matheos), Victor Arduini (Guitar [1982-1986], Freedoms Reign)

The legendary metal band Fates Warning began in the early 1980's playing a traditional style of heavy metal.

However, they quickly began to adopt a more technically proficient style influenced by Rush and are considered by many to be the first true prog-metal band. While the band has subsequently moved in more melodic and ambient directions, they have remained a vibrant and well-respected cornerstone for the prog camp within the heavy metal strata..

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