Graf von Feigur (Vocals, All instruments Dementia Ad Vitam, ex-Celestia, ex-Mortifera, ex-Sombre Présage, ex-Angest Herre)

Feigur was born out from the void sometime in 2007 in the little town of Saint-Just Saint-Rambert (France) as a solo project of Graf von Feigur. The art of Feigur, once following the irritation and self-destruction of a hopeless being, is finally expressing at the apotheosis of his approach, the experiences of this human soul, transiting from the living state to the afterworld, dwelling with his own perception, under an immaterialized and ethereal entity ... Feigur is definately neither supporting nor a part of the so called DSBM subculture, be it known. :: RELEASES :: I, Pestilence (2008) - Occultum Productions SOLD OUT 1.

Forêts de Brume 2. Innocence 3.

Memories 4. My Return to Ashes 5.

The Suicidal Perfection II, Desolation (2010) - Deus Es Machina Productions Buy at www.drakkar666.com 1. Posthumous Remorse 2.

Night Pulls all Perception 3. Naissance 4.

Désolation 5. Die Herrschaft des Eises/Leichenschmaus Feigur & Lustre (2012) - Final Agony Records (7" EP Split, ltd.

250 copies) Buy at : http://finalagonyrecords.blogspot.com 1. Feigur - Le Mâne 2.

Lustre - The First Beauty.

The transition, depicted, from the living state to the afterworld...