Alexey Godlewskiy (Guitar [2007-2008] [since 2009]), Dmitriy "Darmaid" Eliseev (Guitar, Keyboard, Folk Instruments [since 2007], founder member, Mortyrium, Rema, Tanelorn), Alexey Pushkin (Guitar Since 2012), Pavel Tuniy (Bass Since 2012), Catherine Godlewsky (Vocals Since 2012), Sergey Gritsay (Bass Mechanic, Random Light), Andrey Awdik (Guitar [2007-2009]), Alexander Lebedev (Bass [2007-2008] [2009]), Vladimir Poznyansky (Bass 2011), Rustam "Ragnar" Borzov (Vocals [2007-2008]), George Tsedov (Guitar 2008-2012), Natalya Gladkowa (Vocals 2010-2012), Evgeniy Martinov (Drums Mechanic, Random Light), Alexander Davtyan (Vocals [2009-2010]), Anastasia Ovcharenko (Vocals [2010]), Yanina "Astrid" Zelenskaya (Vocals [2007-2009], November Rain)

The story of the band with mysterious name “Fferyllt” is tracing its roots back to late autumn of 2003, when keyboarder Dmitry Eliseev began to think about creation of a musical project, which's main concept would be his native religion – Western-European Paganism.

The path of it lies trough distant North, trough the traditions of Norsemen and Celts. Asatru and Druidism became main burdens in Diarmaid's songs.

The first staff had gathered in spring of 2007, when Вю Eliseev together with guitarist Alexey Godlewsky start to work with the material and record first demos. In May 2007-th female singer Yanina Zelenskaya, bassist Alexander Lebedev, vocalist Rustam Borzov, and guitarist Andrew Awdick had joined the staff. After some gigs in such staff, the band begins recording of debut album called "Dance of Druids". The spirit of the album became authentic West-European instruments (bagpipe, flute, bodhran), as well as variations of celtic melodies.

After signing of contract with the lable "Stygian Crypt Productions" in August, 2008, the band undergoes changes in staff. The bassist Alexander Lebedev, vocalist Rustam Borzov and guitarist Alexey Godlewsky had left the band.

Soon after that, drummer Eugeny Martynov, guitarist George Tsedov, and bassist Sergey Gritsay had joined the staff. On February 9-th, 2009, the band’s members’ most wishful event came true – Fferyllt’s debut album "Dance of Druids" was brought out on Stygian Crypt Prods. At the same time the band releases its first promo-video for the song “Yule”.

Soon after the release, drummer E. Martynov and bassist S.

Gritsay . A.

Awdick and singer Y. Zelenskaya left the band. In December 2009 two members – Alexander Lebedev and Alexey Godlewsky had returned into the band’s staff, and a new member, who had taken a part in songwriting for the debut album, Alexander “O’Kella” Davtyan, joined the staff again.

On December 31-th, the band grants to its listeners an internet-single called “Thurisaz”. In May 2010 Anastasia Ovcharenko had joined the band as a female singer. The band gives a series of concerts. Krasnodar broadcaster NTK shoots a short-length documentary about the band.

For this documentary Fferyllt had recorded 5 songs from their repertoire in “Studio Live” format. In Autumn 2010 Anastasia leaves the band because of state of her health. Not long before A.

Lebedev and A. Davtyan quited the staff.

The bassist’s place was taken by Vladimir Poznyanskiy, and the frontman’s vacant seat – by Alexander Lopatin. After productive three-months collaboration with the band as a guest musician, bassist Vladimir Poznyansky has joined the band. At the moments Fferyllt take part in gigs and festivals in Russia.

After the series of gigs returning to work at the second album is planned..