Christofer Säterdal (Vocals), Johan Gustafsson (Guitar), Mathias Back (Bass), Reynir Helgason (Vocals, Guitar), Jonas Arnberg (Vocals, Drums), Oskari Katainen (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals), Dennis (Bass), Jonas Larsson (Bass), Niclas Boman (Guitar), Jasper (Keyboard), Dag Kristoffersson (Back Vocals, Keyboard), Fredrik Joelsson (Bass)


Fimbultyr plays viking black metal! Founded in 2005 they've released one demo (Ändlösa Frågor) and one album (Gryende Tidevarv). Highly praised by the metal press after the debut album was released! Fimbultyr are now working on their second album "Niddikter" 'Fimbultyr' is one of Odin's many by-names and translates to "Mighty God". Our album is available in many places but here are some that we recommend:

Viking black metal from Sweden!