Fist (UK)

Fist (UK)
Brian Rickman (Bass Hollow Ground (UK)), Martin Metcalf (Guitar Hollow Ground (UK)), Martin "Hairy" Harrison (Drums ex-Hellbastard), Keith Satchfield (Vocals, Guitar [1978-1984] [since 2001], founder member), Harry "Hiroshima" Hill (Drums founder member), Glen Coates (Vocals Hollow Ground (UK)), Jon Appleby (Bass), Big Al (Bass), Dave Irwin (Guitar founder member)

Originally formed in the late 1970's..

Yes the 70's!. Fist were/are essentially a hard rocking band with a purpose.

The idea was to sound like no one else did. In other words to be completely original.

In this they succeeded. As a result the band went on to record a number of albums and tour.

Around the time Fist were getting into their stride, along came the NWOBHM. Thats new wave of british heavy metal in case you dont know.

Shame on you if you dont!. As a result Fist would always be associated with this musical movement which the members embrace willingly. Call Fist what you want (steady now) Hard Rock, Heavy Rock or Heavy Metal the deal is that they are all top musicians that play exactly like who they are.

No bullshit from these guys its as real as a band can get. No poser rock here.

Together they have written some of the finest, memorable hard rocking songs of the late 70's and early 1980's. Yeah, there has been a few line up changes here and there and record company hassles on the way.

That happens with most bands however with any band that has songs and music as memorable as Fist's, the band as an entity becomes more important than the sum of its parts. Here we are in 2014 and the band has reformed and they intend to carry on doing what they love. Playing great hard rocking music. Fist are: Glenn S Howes - lead vocals/guitars Dave Irwin - guitars/vocals Norman Appleby - bass guitar/vocals Harry "hiroshima" Hill - drums .

Legendary North East, England, heavy rock, NWOBHM Band