Hildr Valkiry (Vocals, Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 2006], Folkodia, Hildr Valkyrie, ex-Uruk-Hai, ex-Nocternity), Michaël "Saga" Fiori (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [since 2009]), Marios Koutsoukos (Vocals, Keyboard [since 2004]), Metfolvik (Vocals [since 2004]), Francesca Crotti (Violin [2006]), Raven (Harp [2006-2007]), Jeremy Child (Drums [2004-2006], ex-Yggdrasil, Broken Dagger), Magnus Wohlfart (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Harp [2004-2007], Nae'blis, Yggdrasil, Broken Dagger), Alex "Hugin" Wieser (Keyboard [2004]), Thanasis Karapanos (Guitar [2007]), Simon Frodeberg (Bass [2006-2007]), Athelstan (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [2004-2006], ForeFather), Vetrodar (Vocals, Guitar, Flute [2007], Tverd, ex-Pagan Reign), Daniel Fredriksson (Folk Instruments, Harp [2006], Otyg), Andre Groschopp (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Flute, Violin [2006]), Marcus Van Langen (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Folk Instruments, Flute, Percussions [2006]), Becky (Harp [2006-2008]), Nikos Nezeritis (Guitar [2004]), Ulven (Guitar [2006-2007]), Igor Saviola (Vocals [2006]), Alessandro Caruso (Drums, Percussions [2006]), Tobias Andrelang (Bass [2006]), Polydeykis (Vocals, Back Vocals, Keyboard [2007]), Kristofer Janiec (Violin [2004-2006]), Michelle Maas (Vocals [2004-2006]), Wulfstan (Vocals, Guitar, Bass [2004-2006],Forefather), Stefanos Koutsoukos (Bass [2004-2007]), jonas froberg (Vocals, Violin [2004]), William Ekeberg (Vocals, Cello [2004-2007]), Chrigiel Glanzmann (Folk Instruments [2004], Eluveitie)

Folkearth-INTERNATIONAL project! Folkearth-Not political or religious! FOLKEARTH was established in 2003 as a musical forum representing 14 established folk and metal musicians joined together from all parts of the world.

FOLKEARTH is made up of members from Sweden, Austria, USA, Germany, Lithuania, England and several other countries. This unique worldwide collaboration also features members from bands like Yggdrasil, Forefather, Uruk Hai and The Soil Bleeds Black.

All of the musicians involved offer up traditional instrument recordings which are then edited and mixed with heavy metal sonorities, hence offering the most unique and concise folk metal atmospheres ever recorded. After a long delay,the second FOLKEARTH album,entitled "By the sword of my father"will finally be released in summer 2006!!! More than 70 minutes of melodic folk/viking metal ,feauturing a cover song of FALKENBACH's "Heathenpride"!This time sound quality surprases by far that of the previous album!Diverse real instruments used-tin whistle,bagpipe,violin,etc... Many a new musician has joined FOLKEARTH for the completion of the second album,rising thee total line-up to 31 musicians from 8 countries!!! "Drakkars in the mist"released on 28th of May 2007! Next album "Father of victory"was released on 21th of januray in 2008. Acoustic album "Songs Of Yore" released in June!"Fatherland"album released in the end of 2008!"Rulers of The Sea"released in october 2009! "Viking's Anthem "album released in June 2010! "Sons OfThe North"album released in March 2011! Acoustic album "Minstrels By The River"released in September 2011!.