Blackheart Nostarion (Cello Autumn in Frost, Cerberus (GER), Dammerfarben, Dystertid, The Evening, Fetus Excavation, Folkearth, Schattenwindes Dammerfarben, Throndt, Idhafels), Elio D'Alessandro (Vocals [since 2007], Folkearth), Mara Davis (Flute [since 2009]), Simon Muller (Guitar, Bass, Folk Instruments, Flute [since 2007], Excelsis (CH)), Saga (Vocals, Guitar, Bass Folkearth, Black Knight Symfonia, Necrophage, Excalibur, Dark Moon), Eleanor Lucas (Violin [since 2007]), Munggu Beyeler (Vocals, Flute [since 2007], Excelsis (CH), Minhyriath, Tagorlad), Hildr Valkyrie (Vocals [since 2007], Beyond The Forests, Lloth, Nocternity (GRC), Worship, Ego Drama, Uruk-Hai (AUT), Morgan The Bard, Femegericht (GER), Death Army), Rhode Rachel (Vocals, Bass, Folk Instruments, Harp Swordbearer, Mortum (USA)), Metfolvik (Ruslanas) (Vocals, Folk Instruments [since 2007], Folkearth, Ravenclaw), Anais (Vocals Black Knight Symfonia), Loki (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Programming [since 2007], Frekkr, Zhurgal Dukhiatz, Folkearth, Swordgraven, Tenebres, Yayeth Corpse), Matthew Bell (Guitar, Bass, Folk Instruments, Mandolin [since 2009], Rise Of Avernus), John Ryan (Violin [2008], Cruachan, Sinister Demise), Jake Rogers (Vocals [2008], Gallowbraid, Winterlore, Visigoth), John "Fay" O (Folk Instruments Cruachan, Wolfmare), Karen Sudnius (Vocals [2008], Giltine's Gintaras, Melmoth (ARG), Incarnadine)

Folkodia-INTERNATIONAL project!Folkodia-Not political or religious band! Folkodia were formed in the Autumn of 2007.

The act is manned by musicians from Folkearth as well as other highly distiguinshed veterans of the metal scene. Folkodia play folk / viking metal(2007-2010 year) Since 2010 -Epic/folk metal 1st album "Odes from the past"released in June 2008 2nd album :In A Time Of legends"released in April 2009 3rd album"Battlecry"released in March 2010 "Forgotten Lore"acoustic album released in the end of 2010! .

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