Force Majeure

Force Majeure
Ricky Tournee (Vocals Firenote), Tuomas Väänänen (Bass), Heikki Saari (Drums), Eemeli Ojanen (Guitar), Jussi Reuhkala (Guitar), Veikko Oittinen (Keyboard), Juuso Myllyharju (Drums), Huikka (Keyboard)

The Rise of Starlit Fires, the third album by FORCE MAJEURE, will be released on 8th of September worldwide by Mighty Music. While starting to ascend to heavy metal pantheon for the third time, having parted ways with their previous vocalist, Force Majeure had no rush, nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Therefore, this album marks a new beginning for the band on a quest to make heavy metal great again and to create their absolute best work to date. Along Rise of Starlit Fires hops onboard Finland’s best kept secret, vocalist Marcus Lång.

The powerful voice of Marcus is the heavy metal jaegerbomb on top of premium quality compositions which make Force Majeure stand out in the line of metal bands The recordings of The Rise of Starlit Fires started in a studio located deep underneath a humble shopping centre in Helsinki and were completed successfully in legendary D-studio in Klaukkala, Finland. It was important to choose a studio environment for laying down the tracks of album, instead of a bedroom made home recording.

The band wanted to keep the sounds and the performances true to their artistic vision, yet still avoiding over-editing to kill the danger aspect in their sound. The rock solid foundation created by the rhythm section with bigger drum sound and clearly audible fierce bass playing, combined with the bands unique sense of melody and mixed musical influences go beyond different genres in heavy metal and music in general. This is what gives Force Majeure their power metal identity.

Lyrically the band has always stayed outside the fantasy worlds of dungeons and dragons as another key differentiator from the "industry standards". Force Majeure wanted to call the album with longer name especially to hear how legendary Finnish radio host Klaus Flaming would pronounce it with his perfect pronounciation. Force Majeure's roots go back to 2001 when the two guitarists Jussi and Eemeli met each other.

After several self financed demos and hard, sweaty groundwork for extending the fan base, Force Majeure's debut album Frozen Chambers was released 2008 in Finland, Russia, Sweden and GAS. The debut was received positively among listeners and press alike and opened new doors for Force Majeure.

It even managed to enter the top 40 album chart in Finland, while the first single off the album made its way to the top 5 on the national singles chart. In 2011 Force Majeure’s second album “Saints of Sulphur” was released and introduced new possibilities, for example first ever shows outside Finnish borders in Italy, clocking a total of around 80 live performances for the band.

The Rise of Starlit Fires album was carefully matured and takes everything to the next level, in terms of song material, the overall performance and production. This is truly an album to check out for any metal fan and music lover around the world.

For those about to power metal… we salute you!.

Semi-Erotic Power Metal with Great Finnish Delivery