Forgotten Tomb

Forgotten Tomb
Asher (Drums [since 2003], Domina Noctis, Whiskey Ritual, Kirlian Camera, ex-Willow at Moon, ex-Dunkel Nacht, ex-Congregation Of Misery, ex-Psycho '78), Algol (Bass [since 2003], Dead?, Hiems, Mek Na Ver, The True Endless, Frangar, The Tombers), A. (Guitar [since 2011], Whiskey Ritual), Herr Morbid (Vocals, Guitar [since 1999], Tombstone Highway (ITA), The True Gaszimmer, Front Towards Enemy, Died Like Flies, Enthroning Silence, Dakryon, Sacrater, Bethlehem), Razor SK (Guitar Front Towards Enemy, ex-The True Gaszimmer), Azog (Bass [2000-2002], live member, Domina Noctis, Whiskey Ritual, ex-Fog, ex-Dunkel Nacht, ex-Psycho '78), Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (Programming MZ. 412, Pouppée Fabrikk, Folkstorm, Toroidh, Nordvargr, Goatvargr, Marvargr, Muskel, HH9, Vargr, Naer Mataron), Wedebrand (Drums ex-Shining), Torment (Bass ex-Sacrater), Jeroen (Bass live member, Dunkel Nacht), Zoskia 93 (Bass live member, ex-Died Like Flies), Wudang (Guitar live member, Cyneris, ex-Dakryon, ex-Unfaithfull)

2017 Biography "We Owe You Nothing" - 9th full lenght album of the band - marks the highest point in Forgoten Tomb's constant evolution and once more makes it hard to narrow down its sound to some pre-existing labels.

Effortlessly blending the eerie, dissonant black metal sound the band is well-known for with muscular sludge/doom riffs and a subtle, nihilistic punk attitude, "We Owe You Nothing" defines the band's personality more than ever, reaffirming its unique sound. Starting in the beginning of the millennium with bona fide classics such as "Songs to Leave" (2002), "Springtime Depression" (2003) and "Love's Burial Ground" (2004) - widely considered among the true originators of the so-called "Depressive Black Metal" sub-genre - the band explored increasingly heavier and broader territories with all the albums that followed, from the genre-shattering avant-garde of "Negative Megalomania" (2007) through the pitch-black rocking-vehicle "Under Saturn Retrograde" (2011), then perfecting the band's own black/doom formula with the harsher tones of "...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil" (2012) and "Hurt Yourself and The Ones You Love" (2015).

In the meantime, they found the time to release a mid-career live in studio anniversary album ("Vol 5: 1999-2009", 2010) and a live DVD ("Darkness In Stereo: Eine Symphonie Des Todes", 2012). Forgotten Tomb commented: "Our discography has always been divided by trilogies.

'We Owe You Nothing' closes the third trilogy which started with '...And Don't Deliver Us From Evil' followed by 'Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love' and it's the heaviest among the 3 albums, with an emphasis on slower/mid tempos and a sludgier approach while retaining also our trademark melodies and dissonant arpeggios, plus some twists which open new doors to the next era of the band. Due to circumstances surrounding it, it's been an extremely painful album to make and therefore it's one of our darkest, while being also filled with raw energy".

The new album includes 6 songs for approx. 40 minutes of music.

Recording-sessions started in December 2016, with drums being tracked at Big Pine Creek studio in Italy, but were abruptly interrupted when singer/guitarist Ferdinando "HM" M. was involved in a life-threatening car accident that left him unable to play for months.

The recording was resumed and completed in May 2017 at SPVN Studio in Italy, while mix and mastering were done in June 2017 at Planet-Z studio (Hadley, Massachussets, USA) by Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Rob Zombie, Six Feet Under, Crowbar, Hatebreed). The band is currently booking tours and live appearances supporting its new album..

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