Fragmenta (ITA)

Fragmenta (ITA)
Enrico D'Aniello aka Enro (All instruments), Neera (All instruments)

Since 2007, Fragmenta began whipping local crowds into a moshing frenzy with their searing brand of progressive edged thrash metal.

Fragmenta spent the following years gigging intensely playing many notable shows, receiving airplay both locally and internationally and having their demos featured in several worldwide compilations. In 2011 Fragmenta released their debut album titled SEDITION; their intense thrash sound evolved even further, injected with unconventional grooves and tinged with industrial elements. With a sharp, visceral production and aggressive delivery, the band was criticized by controversial TV program Today Tonight, noting their "dark themes" and branding them "a violent assault on the senses". After two well received studio releases and a feature on Nuclear Blast's compilation alongside such metal legends as Obituary and Epica, Fragmenta is set to keep on the path of bringing the metal. Buy Fragmenta merch and albums at

Fragmenta is an original industrial thrash metal group hailing from dusty South Australia. Since an intense live following and a hard edged debut studio album SEDITION, Fragmenta received awesome reviews and international recognition. After playing shows around Australia to promote the album, Fragmenta released their debut music video for Corpse Platoon. The second album ODIMORSUS was released in 2014, the first album to be released under Legacy Records distribution and was met with praise from blogs and popular magazines alike. Fragmenta is currently producing new material and is preparing to tour. “There's pain and perseverance on this record, all wrapped up in a broodingly furious package. Fragmenta set out to create an affecting, devastating and unique album, and succeeded without question.” — Daniel R Warnes, PowerPlay Magazine “Just finished listening to ODIMORSUS It kicked me in the teeth, bludgeoned over the head, drove me to the wilderness, had its way with me and left me naked, scared and confused! It was awesome!” — Nick Stavrou, Paranormal Games “Just when one gets settled for this hectic semi-technical approach, comes "Darkest Storm" to shetter his/her senses with a portion of fast intense speedy guitars. "Seeds" is another winner, a combination of the two sides with a few really cool up-tempo moments. The diversity goes on later, first with the decent ballad "Eternal Flame" whic is not a Bangles cover; and the progressive shredding title-track which is aptly accompanied by another more technical composition: "March of the Afflicted" which boasts a fine virtuoso lead passage.” — The Thrash Metal Guide, The Thrash Metal Guide "Powerful and very aggressive, exactly what I like." - Ron Paustian, New Metal Media