Frozen Mist

Frozen Mist
Wulv (Vocals, Back Vocals, Pagan instruments [2009-present] Funeral Dust, ex-Permanent Midnight), Darkj (Vocals, Back Vocals, All instruments [2004-present] Brumous, Thelgeth, Decarabia, ex-Mazzey), S.Lee Baysinger (Vocals [2008], Fateless Tears), Walt Davis (Guitar [2007, 2008]), Robert "Gecko" Frank (Vocals [2004] [2006], guest member), Katarina Rose (Vocals [2006] [2008]), Kathryn "Silver" Lough (Vocals [2004]), Richard Baysinger (Guitar [2008-2010], Fateless Tears), Sofia Batlatski (Vocals [2005], guest member), Taryn Graybeal (Vocals [2004])

Hailing from the underground of Montoursville, Pennsylvania, Frozen Mist started as a solo project by Darkj in mid February 2004.

The name Frozen Mist came about from smoking a cigarette in the cold, grim, snowy weather. Throughout the years, Darkj has been changing the sound of his music with very unique extreme dark, death and pagan black metal attributes.

To this day, Frozen Mist remains as the ONLY extreme metal band in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania..

The ONE and ONLY dark extreme metal band in Lycoming County, PA, serving you since 2004.

FROZEN MIST is a dark extreme unique metal studio band project created in 2004 by Darkj, hailing from the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania.