Full Blown Chaos

Full Blown Chaos
Mark Gumbrecht (Guitar), Mike Facci (Guitar), Jeff Facci (Drums), Ray Mazzola (Vocals), Dustin Jennings (Bass), Mike Ruehle (Bass), Chris Morgan (Vocals), Joe White (Vocals), Ed Conroy (Bass)

All existing biographies of ours are not current, but you can find them all over the place if you really want to hear someone else talk about how great we are.

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FBC is the world's oldest, heaviest, and finest argumentcore band! If you like hardcore, we're too metal for you! If you like metal, we're too hardcore for you! People like to circle pit and headbang to us just as much as they like to tomahawk and throw karate kicks! Heavier than heck, faster than a speeding orca, and tougher than a Spartan kicking a box of nails into the sun! Buy our latest album "Full Blown Chaos" on Ironclad Recordings! Available from iTunes or stores in the real world!

Full Blown Chaos is a band from NY. We play music. Sometimes it's hardcore. Sometimes it's metal. Sometimes it's both. It's always heavy, it's always real, and it's always honest.