Funeral Winds (NL)

Funeral Winds (NL)
Hellchrist Xul (Vocals, Guitar Domini Inferi, Haatstrijd), Balgradon Xul (Drums Ornaments Of Sin, Infinity (NL), Corpsecandle), Vincent Meelhuysen (Guitar Israthoum, Liar Of Golgotha), Insinah Xul (Bass Inferi (NL)), Gorgoroth (Vocals Liar Of Golgotha), Y. XUL (aka Yuri Rinkel) (Drums Liar Of Golgotha, Melechesh, Thanatos (NL), Inferi (NL)), Esteban (Drums Liar Of Golgotha), RSD Xul (aka Rogier Droog) (Bass Weltbrand, ex-Dark Remains, ex-Ordo Draconis)

Funeral Winds was born in 1991 to spread terror among the living, to vomit in the face of god, to live the Black Metal Cult... Inspired by the old bands Venom, Hellhammer, Bathory, Sodom and Mayhem... and the never ending dedication to Satan. Funeral Winds...

a Black Metal Cult since 1991 Biography 1991 Funeral Winds was founded. 1992 The first official recording was released as "Rehearsal/Demo '92". Only a few copies were send to underground magazines and bands, the tape was never for sale. 1993/1994 In 1993 the second demo was released, called "La Majeste Infernale"(The Infernal Majesty), and spread the name of Funeral Winds within the Black Metal underground. The same year again new recordings were made, two studio and two live tracks, and released as the "Resurrection..." demo, released by Pagan Records from Poland in early '94.

An illegal bootleg album containing the "Resurrection..." demo as well as on the B-side demo recordings of Demonic from Norway was released later. It is unknown how many copies were pressed of this LP, and who released it...

The track 'Steps of Ritual' appears on the compilation tape 'Morbid Tunes Of The Black Angels' released by the label The Way Of Force from France. Other bands on this compilation were Mütiilation, Zemial, Absu, Moonspel, Impiety, Archgoat, Emperor, Grand Belial's Key, Thou Art Lord, Barathrum, Vlad Tepes, etc. 1994-1998 In 1994 Funeral Winds was invited to Poland to headline, together with the Polish bands Kat and Vader, on a festival called "Sthrashydto '94".

A video entitled "Live in Poland" was recorded there. Right after the festival Funeral Winds entered the studio to record six tracks, two for the release of a 7"ep released by Black Arts and four for a Split CD with Abigail (Japan) on Warmaster Records.

After these releases the band got signed with Lethal Records for two albums of which the first one should have been released in the summer of 1995. after the recordings, guitarist/songwriter and only remaining founder of Funeral Winds, Hellchrist Xul got arrested for a manslaughter attempt which troubled his work for the band and together with Lethal Records bankruptcy it caused a delay of three years before the '95 album "Godslayer XUL" was released by Daimonion Records in 1998. 1998-2003 A lot of line-up changes troubled the band and caused long delays in the writing and recording process.

The "Godslayer XUL" album was re-released by Death To Mankind records from Spain on CD and LP in early 2003. The recordings for the "Koude Haat" album were made. 2004 The new album "Koude Haat" was released during February 2004 by Death To Mankind on CD and LP. The "Screaming for Resurrection..." LP was released by Phlegethon Productions/ Bloodlust Distribution. It contains material recorded in 1993/94 (Resurrection Demo + tracks from split CD w/Abigail).

A 4-way split 7" with Ad Hominem/Leviathan/Funeral Winds/Eternity was released on Undercover records. Funeral Winds plays live at the Black Metal Blitzkrieg Festival. 2004-2007 A bootleg CD was released by the rip off Unisound records from Greece, with wrong information and inferior sound quality, containing demo recordings and other rare material.

New material was written for the third full length album "Nexion XUL - The cursed bloodline" that was released in July of 2007 on CD,LP and limited A5 digibook formats on Sadolust Records from the Netherlands. 2008 Funeral Winds records an exclusive track for 'The Wine of Satan II” LP and CD, out on Necroterror Records from Greece. Other bands that appear on this compilation are Root, The One, Furze, Code, Bestial Mockery, Irrevent and Hell Militia.

The first edition of The Wine of Satan was released in 1993 and was compiled by tracks of Beherit, Corpse Molestation, Pandemonium, Master's Hammer, The Black, Crucifier, Perdition Hearse and Mortuary Drape. 2010 Angaroth XUL joins Funeral Winds as bassplayer 2011 Funeral Winds performs an exclusive live show in Italy, headlining the first day at the 5th edition of the Black Lake Fest two day festival. Other bands that contributed to the festival were Alcest, Angantyr, Frostmoon Eclipse, Infinity, Irrlycht, Nocturnal Depression, Whiskey Ritual and many more.

Funeral Winds re-records 'Thy Eternal Flame' for the compilation tape 'Morbid Tunes Of The Black Angels 9' (to be released in 2012). 2012 Funeral Winds performs a live ritual at the Aurora Infernalis festival in Arnhem, the Netherlands, amongst bands like Archgoat, One Tail One Head, Isvind and more. .

Black Metal Cult since 1991

Funeral Winds, a Black Metal Cult since 1991