Asmael Lebouc (Bass, Back Vocals [since 2008], Disjecta Membrae), Charles Ward (Bass [since 2009], Fimbulvetr, ex-Nyseius), Frédéric Patte-Brasseur (aka Berserk) (Vocals, Guitar [2003-2008], [since 2010], Ataraxie, Wormfood, ex-Despond), A.D. K'shon (Drums [since 2008], Inborn Suffering, ex-Mourning Dawn), Jonathan Thery (aka Marquis) (Vocals, Guitar [since 2003], Ataraxie, Void Paradigm, ex-Bethlehem, ex-Hyadningar, ex-Reign Of Evil), Laurent (aka "Poky") (Guitar, Back Vocals Inborn Suffering, Mourning Dawn), Thulsa Doom (Guitar [2009]), Yskithyrwynn (Drums [2003-2008] Heol Telwen), Toxine (Bass Heol Telwen, Ond Aand)

Ultra sick doom (2004): Bang or be banged! Funeralium (2007): Totalrust/Ostra Records Deceived Idealism (2013): Weird Truth/Ostra Records.

The most rotten mixture between old school doom, old heavy metal, extreme doom and black metal

Mocking hypes and torturing doom METAL since 2003