Tormentor (Bass session member, Desekrator, Norwegian Evil, Orcustus, ex-Gorgoroth), Kristian Eivind Espedal (aka Gaahl) (Vocals Sigfader, Trelldom, God Seed, ex-Gorgoroth, Wardruna), Skagg (Guitar Deathcult (NOR), Infernal Manes, Sigfader, ex-Taake , ex-Gorgoroth), Thurzur (Drums Deathcult (NOR), Infernal Manes, Sigfader, ex-Taake), Mutt (Drums ex-Sigfader, ex-Taake, ex-Trelldom)

Gaahlskagg is a project, founded out of the band Sigfader in the year 1998, since both Gaahl and Skagg wanted to create more extreme, more mocking music… with few - if any! - limitations. They first released the Split CD: “Erotic Funeral Party I” together with Stormfront in 1999.

In 2000 they released the full-length: “Erotic Funeral”, which was recorded in Grieghallen studios during 666I. In the following years Gaahlskagg worked on their second full-length album: “Av Norrønt Blod” but it remains unpublished and labled as "work in progress" due to the fact that both Gaahl (Trelldom, Wardruna, Sigfader) and Skagg (Deathcult, Sigfader) have other, more important projects that need to be taken care of! For this upcoming release Hoest (Taake, Deathcult) will do some guest vocals. ATTENTION: No Colours Records re-released Erotic Funeral without permission in late ‘08 as one 12” LP - available limited to 100 pieces in blue vinyl and as regular, unlimited edition, in black vinyl - instead of the previously announced pair of three 7” EP’s. This release should therefore be considered a bootleg! There is also a typo on the LP which says that Thurzur did the drums for “EF” which is incorrect, since the drums were handled by Mutt at this time..

Active in 1999/2000, Gaahlskagg released two CDs in a style they called "perverse black rape metal" a mixture of punk and black metal with some industrial tendencies. The already partially recorded follow up "Av Norrønt Blod" remains unfinished.