Slagmark (Vocals, Guitar, Bass ex-7 Inches), Fornjot (Vocals, Keyboard ex-7 Inches), Tordenskrall (Drums Mithril, ex-Fiend), Idfam (Guitar Silent Forest)

THE BIRTH OF GALAR Formed in 2004 in Bergen, Norway, GALAR released a self titled demo in early 2005 and soon after its appearance the band signed to the German label HEAVY HORSES RECORDS. Galar (2005): M.

Kristiansen (screams, guitars, bass, programming) S. B.

Johnsen (lyrics) Session: A. B.

Lauritzen (clean vocals, bassoon and keyboard) SKOGSKVAD HEAVY HORSES RECORDS released GALAR's debut, “Skogskvad” on the 11th of October 2006. A fine mixture of brutality and beauty, “Skogskvad”, saw drummer G.

Rogier join the band, but his time is brief, and he leaves shortly after the recording was completed. Also leaving the band at the same time was S.

B. Johnsen. Skogskvad (2006): M.

Kristiansen (screams, guitars, bass) A. B.

Lauritzen (clean vocals, bassoon, keyboard and grand piano) G. Rogier (drums) S.

B. Johnsen (lyrics) TIL ALLE HEIMSENS ENDAR GALAR signs to the Norwegian label DARK ESSENCE RECORDS for their sophomore release, and enters the Conclave & Earshot studio (TAAKE, HELHEIM, AETERNUS) in March 2009 to record “Til alle heimsens endar”.

The album is produced by Bjørnar E. Nilsen (VULTURE INDUSTRIES).

Elefterios “Phobos” Santorinios (AETERNUS, MALSAIN, GRAVDAL) participates as a session drummer alongside several guest musicians. The aim was to make an epic and organic album, and to achieve this a string quintet was included in addition to the grand piano and bassoon.

“Til alle heimsens endar” combines haunting melodies with blast beats and grim vocals, and creates a sound that is evocative of the traditions of both black metal and folk music. “Til alle heimsens endar” saw the light of day the 1st of March 2010 and tells the story of the first five Ynglinger kings who ruled in Vestfold in the 8th and 9th century. Til alle heimsens endar (2010): M. Kristiansen (screams, guitars, bass) A.

B. Lauritzen (clean vocals, bassoon and grand piano) Contributors: Elefterios “Phobos” Santorinios (drums) Jorge Blutaar (lyrics and comments) Ricardo Odriozola (violin) Hans Gunnar Hagen (viola) Siri Hilmen (cello) Morten Nome (double bass) Ceclilie Langlie (vocals) In 2011 GALAR performed some live shows in Norway, as well as in Germany and the Czech Republic, to support the release.

Joining the band as session members are S. Futterlieb (bass) and Specter (AETERNUS, TORTORUM, ex.

GRAVDAL) on live guitar, whilst Elefterios “Phobos” Santorinios is to be found behind the drum kit. DE GJENLEVENDE In August 2013 GALAR once more enters the Conclave & Earshot studio to work with producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen.

The new material continues where “Til alle heimsens endar” left off, but is considered to be even more epic and massive than its predecessor. To evolve the musical landscape even further, GALAR makes use of a horn quartet in addition to string instruments, bassoon and the grand piano.

The album was recorded and mixed over a longer period of time, and is set for a release through DARK ESSENCE RECORDS on March 16th 2015. Lyrically “De gjenlevende” draws its inspiration from Pan-European folklore, ontology, and elegies. De gjenlevende (2014): M. Kristiansen (screams, guitars and bass) A.

B. Lauritzen (clean vocals, bassoon and grand piano) Contributors: Elefterios “Phobos” Santorinios (drums) Jorge Blutaar (lyrics, comments and guest vocals) Ricardo Odriozola (violin and viola) Kristina Winiarski (cello) Morten Nome (double bass) Danilo Kadovic (french horn) Tatiana Palanca (vocals) After the recording of “De gjenlevende” Elefterios “Phobos” Santorinios decides that it's time to step down as a session drummer to focus on his main bands AETERNUS and GRAVDAL.

T. Myklebust (ex.

EMANCER, VULTURE INDUSTRIES (session live), VREID (session live)) joins the band as a permanent drummer. Galar anno September 2014: M. Kristiansen (screams, guitars, bass) A.

B. Lautizen (clean vocals, bassoon and grand piano) T.

Myklebust (drums) Session live members: S. Futterlieb (bass) P.

N. Jespersen (lead guitars).