General Lee

General Lee
Florian Urbaniak (Drums), Alex Renaux (Guitar), Arnaud Palmowski (Vocals), Vincent Perdicaro (Bass), Martin Catoire (Guitar), Fabien Zwerneman (Guitar), Maxime (Guitar), Flavien (Bass), Cedric (Drums), Clément (Drums), François (Keyboard)

GENERAL LEE Since their formation, GENERAL LEE had set out to create a tense musical climate; mixing heavy metallic riffing with melancholic icy oppressive atmospheres over cathartic hardcore screaming. "Hannibal Ad Portas" (2008), the band’s debut is a chaotic symphony of blackened intensity and bombastic euphoria.

The record received critical praise from press and fans alike. The band would go on to share the road Baroness, Helmet, This Will Destroy You, and Cult of Luna. "Roads" followed in 2010 and showcased a more controlled & mature band.

GENERAL LEE’s sound started to take a more individualistic shape that melded the genres of metal, hardcore & ethereal like beauty. Roads was mastered by Tom Baker (Deftones, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Monster Magnet) at Precision Studios in the US. November 2012 will see the birth of the bands 3rd full length, "Raiders of the Evil Eye".

With their first two releases primarily finding audiences in France, the band has signed with New Jersey based indie Play The Assassin Records and will be exposed to their largest audience yet. "Raiders of the Evil Eye" finds the band teetering on the edge of a molecular meltdown; further blurring the lines of the ‘posts’, metal & hardcore.

A 7 song 33 minute explosion of extremes! Chaotic yet controlled, Extreme yet blissful. The vinyl 12-inch was released with the precious help of Basement Apes and Get a life Records.

In may 2014, Russia’s Euglena and General Lee have been summoned together for a brand new Split recording released on Vinyl 10-inch and limited Tape by Basement Apes, Monotonstudios Records, Grains of Sand Records, Mind Control Records and Silenceless Records.With two songs a piece that span from Grindcore to Mathcore. First reviews : W-Fenec (FR) : Exclaim! (CA) : The New Review (US) : Metal Inside (DE) : Axis of Grind (US) : Apochs (US) : Sea of Tranquility (US) : The SludgeLord (UK) : Pelecanus (CA) : Shoot Me Again (BE) : In Your Eye (IT) : Pure Fuking Blood (US) : ObskureMag (FR) : Vacarm (FR) : Metalorgie (FR) : Core And Co (FR) : All The Rage TV (FR) : French Metal (FR) : Max Contre Attaque (FR) : Magic Fire Music (FR) : Zikannuaire (FR) : AlternativNews (FR) : Nawak Posse (FR) : Metalship (FR) : Dw19th (FR) : Morenoisy (FR) : Le Dictionnaire de l’Emo (FR) : Broken Balls (FR) :

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