Genocidio (BRA)

Genocidio (BRA)
Fábio Moysés (Drums Mastiff, ex-Apoleon, ex-Pigmachine), W. Perna (Bass), Dennis Decurion (Guitar), Murillo Leite (Vocals, Guitar The Cellts, ex-Apoleon), Marcão (Vocals, Bass), Juma (Drums The Cellts), Marcelo (Drums), Daniel (Bass ex-The Cellts), Alexandre (Drums), Gustavo (Guitar GS Truds), Zé Galinha (Drums)

Biography Innovation, freedom and pioneering are some of the words that best describe the career of this respected band formed in the late 80’s by WPerna (Guitars) and Marcão (Bass), with Zé Galinha (Drums) completing the line up.

The band gets gigs inside and outside São Paulo, and signs up with Ultra Violence label to record only the self-titled EP GENOCÍDIO. A few months before the recording sessions Zé Galinha leaves the band, being replaced by Juma.

In the late 80’s the band becomes renowned, and signs up a 2 album-deal with Hellion Records. At this time it is released DEPRESSION, Death Metal in its essence with a unique sound and lyrics portraying the human side for feelings that we all have.

From this album it is made a video for “Depression”, the title track. Constantly broadcasted on MTV, the band hits the audience more and more, and this achievement has lasted so far: pleasing Black Metal, Gothic, Hardcore, Thrash and Punk fans.

It was noticeable that GENOCIDIO was more than simply a Metal band. It was an open wide group, that was able to hit whoever could get the point.

In 1991, Hellion re-releases their first EP in a limited picture-disc format, which no band had made in Brazil. In 1992 the band has one more member on the guitars, Murillo (former Apoleon).

After successful gigs all around Brazil, the band heads to Belo Horizonte to record their next album: HOCTAEDROM. This became the top of the band until then, with great support inside and outside Brazil, having one of the songs regularly broadcasted on 89 FM radio station, besides the promo video for it.

The song was “Uproar”. HOCTAEDROM is released in Europe by the label Moltem Metal on CD with 2 bonuses, the cover version for "Countess Bathory" and a new version for “The Grave”.

Soon the band is invited to tour Europe, but it doesn’t happen because of problems among Hellion Records, Moltem Metal and the band. The band carries on growing in the Brazilian scene anyway. The band changes again due to some problems, Marcão leaves the band and Daniel replaces him on the bass.

Murillo takes over definitively the vocals, and the band releases POSTHUMOUS, under Velas Label, considered at the time a masterpiece in heavy music. Dense-sounding and even heavier, the band innovates again with the track “Goodbye Kisses”, and acoustic song where WPerna and Murillo play the acoustic guitar and features the guest appearance of the violinist Flávio Venturini.

The band plays only two gigs and the tour is interrupted because of an internal hassle, splitting the band. A few months later WPerna decides to start all over again, and Marcão is back on the bass and vocals, along with new members Gustavo on the other guitar and Marcelo on the drums, then playing the rest of the POSTHUMOUS tour.

With this line-up the band releases ONE OF THEM...which compositions mix hardcore and doom riffs. Changes come again and as a trio (with Alex on the drums) they record REBELLION, which brings back the speed and aggression from their early records. In 2006 the band rises again, more mature, classic and innovative than ever.

The new line-up features WPerna on the bass, also bringing Murillo L. back on the vocals and still features Dennis D.

(Death tribute) and Fábio M. on the drums (former Mastiff).

A new era where there’s room only for what really defines GENOCIDIO: musical audacity, the same vibe and competence which have made them one of the biggest and most respectful bands in their style in the world and also in the Brazilian Metal history. To celebrate this return, the band records the audio and video from their first show with the new line-up, releasing the virtual four-track EP HIATUS, a teaser for the fans. PROBATIONS LIVE – DVD/CD was released in 2007 and features the greatest classics of the band played with precision and maturity by the new line-up plus a brand new studio song, “Nightmarishly”.

A dense sample of the new GENOCIDIO. The response was better than expected. Metal-oriented press and fans praise the scorching force and quality of material. In the middle of 2008, the band begins to prepare new material, and to celebrate the successful year, the band plays in Sao Paulo with Divine Heresy and Asesino.

The recording of the new album starts in April 2009 and ends in December of the same year, leading the band to never-before-reached musical standards due to the production of Marco Nunes and co-production of Gilberto Bressan Jr., decisive for the outstanding final result. The result is THE CLAN, a strike of originality that contains extreme speed pieces such as "The Clan" and "Fire Rain”; tracks with refined technique as "Transatlantic Catharsis” and “Metal Barrel Wasted”, and intimate songs like "Settimia" and "Worlds Asunder".

Furthermore, the album still brings a phenomenal version of Bathory’s "Enter The Eternal Fire", a major influence for GENOCIDIO. The lyrical content has brought mafias and the human behavior deep-rooted in these criminal institutions as theme for the album. At the end of the recordings, the band was invited to be one of the opening-acts of Venom’s second coming to Brazil.

An unforgettable landmark for these fans of the British band. In 2010 GENOCIDIO will try to spread THE CLAN the most, since the distribution is in charge of Mutilation Records label, which will allow the album to reach the biggest number of people longing to original music and innovative proposals. After all, personality and integrity are qualities that always come to mind when we talk about GENOCIDIO.