Steffen Beck (Bass), "Askan" D. Möller (Vocals), Nathalia Nebel (Vocals Guest female vocals), Maik Pomplun (Guitar), "Daimonicon" B. Techet (Guitar), Sebastian Jung (Keyboard), Marcus Röll (Drums), Tobias Volker (Drums)

What is to say about Gernotshagen? The band Gernotshagen has now been integrated into the Pagan scene for 10 years and by now plays shows all over Europe.

The band was founded in 1999 by B. Techet (guit), D.

Möller (voc), S.Beck (bass) and M. Pomplun (leadguit) in consequence of two other band’s break –up.

In 2000 S. Jung (keys) and T.Völker (drums) completed the quartet.

This formation has not changed til now and according to the band should not change at all. Gernotshagen cannot be assigned to typical Pagan Metal. According to their own statement it is a musically-experimental mix of different Metal genres with classic and folk influences combined with a lot of melody.

An atmospheric composition though the vocals, which complete the overall picture with overwhelming clean passages and aggressive growls. It is simply impossible to compare Gernotshagen with other bands since they create their own, totally unique musical style. At the moment Gernotshagen are recording their third album „Weltenbrand – Die Banner hoch, der Nacht entgegen“ at „AllOrange Music“ studio.

After a longer break since releasing their album „Märe aus wäldernen Hallen“ Gernotshagen now hope to live up to that success with something different but still something near to their previous style. The new album should be officially available in stores in November.

After a little audio test I can certify that Gernotshagen have again managed to create a very special and unique work of art. .

Pagan Black Metal aus Thüringen