Brian Craig (Drums Eulogy (CAN), Slyce and Green The Grey), Francis Dubois (Guitar), Gary Lyons (aka Ghoul) (Bass ex-Krypt Keeper), Patrick Gordon (Guitar Les Ekorchés, ex-Krypt Keeper, ex-Leprocy), Mark Hill Anderson (Guitar Euxodis, Aggression (CAN)), Ben Paquin (Drums), Jarrod Martin (aka Buck) (Guitar ex-Leprocy), Patrick Mireault (aka Evil S. Presley) (Vocals ex-Krypt Keeper, ex-Leprocy, Les Ékorchés)

Destroying a town near you since 1994 ! Rotten Roll !!.

Les membres de Ghoulunatics jouent égallement dans ces groupes, allez ecouter ca ! Some of us also play in these bands, so check out their facebook pages: Buffalo Theory Mtl Les Ekorchés

Celebrating 25 years of Rotten Roll ! On celebre 25 ans de Rotten Roll!