Ronan Chiron (Bass ex-Attack of the Mutant Camels), Fabrice Cornille (Drums Attack of the Mutant Camels), Johan Jaccob (Vocals, Guitar), Yann Duvivier (Drums), Mickael Duhem (Bass)

After two demos and several line-up changes, Glowsun stabilizes around 2005 Jaccob Johan (guitar, vocals) Ronan Chiron (bass), Fabrice Cornille (drums) with 4 titles "Lost Love".

Sound "Stoner Rock Psyche" of Glowsun will be quickly noticed by the Belgian label Buzzville Records who signed the trio for a first album. "The Sundering", was released in 2008 for the group and trigger recognition of European fame.

Therefore Glowsun connects the concerts in France, especially with Karma to Burn or Yawning Man, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. Benefits after more assertive in 2011 as "Stoned From Underground Festival" where he shared the stage with My Sleeping Karma, Monster Magnet Church of Misery ...

Glowsun recorded a split vinyl with the German band "Electric Moon" as label "Sulatron Records". Glowsun late 2011 and toured with Sungrazer Hypnos 69.

Early 2012 the trio began the preparation of a new second studio album "Elecrik Box". Powered by an irresistible urge to perform on stage Glowsun restarts again on the road, then we see the "DesertFest" in Berlin in June at the "Duna Jam" along with Fatso Jetson and Atomic Bichtwax.

In September 2012 the band toured for 15 days with roadfestival "Up in Smoke IV" which will, among other things by Vienna (Arena), Munich (Feiewerk), Brussels (Tray 4), Paris (Glazart) ... The last album "Eternal Season" again mixed and recorded by Olivier T'servrancx, mastered by Goran Finnberg and art work done by Johan Jaccob, released in October 2012. Freshly signed to the Austrian label Napalm renowned Records, Glowsun is now recognized as a reference of its kind in Europe!. booking: Label: