God Macabre

God Macabre
Per Boder (Vocals), Ola Sjöberg (Guitar), Niklas Nilsson (Drums session member), Jonas Stålhammar (Guitar Utumno, Bombs Of Hades, ex-Abhoth)

God Macabre was one of the first death metal bands in Sweden.

The band formed in the end of the 80's under the name Macabre End. In 1991 they changed their name to God Macabre and released one song for the Pantalgia compilation and an album through the small German label Mangled Beyond Recognition Records before splitting up.

In the year 2002 the album was remastered, remixed and re-released through the American Relapse Records. .

'The Winterlong' Available Now via Relapse Records | Purchase: http://bit.ly/GodMacabre | Bandcamp: https://godmacabre.bandcamp.com/