Michael "Gnomos" Meyer (Guitar), Bernhard "Burn" Lorig (Guitar Icon (ALL)), Sarod "Thunder From Heaven" Klein (Drums Infernal, Rapture ,Völkermord), Thomas A. "The Slavegrunter" Pickard (Vocals Icon (ALL))

What you really should know about GODSLAVE!! It was a cold winter day in the year 2008, when five adolescent men gathered to indulge their passion, Thrash Metal! Beer in their hands, they decided to form a band blablablablablablaBLABLABLALBALBAAAAA!!!! Read a thousand times… who actually cares? NO ONE! What you REALLY should know about GODSLAVE?? That live, everything will be torn to pieces! That this is not a threat, it’s a promise That the band was created to play live and they belong on stage! That live, there is only one rule: FULL FORCE FAST FORWARD! When the show starts, there is nothing important anymore for band and audience. Trouble with your boss? No money in the pocket? Angry girlfriend? Horsemeat in your oatmeal? DOESN’T MATTER! Together, there is only one thing important: this very moment! THAT’S what you really should know about GODSLAVE! And for all those who can’t get enough, read up: glasses on, grab you pen, here come the cold hard FACTS! Support shows for ANTHRAX, SODOM, EVILE, WARBRINGER, GAMA BOMB, WARBEAST a.m.m. Festival shows at Dong Open Air, Metal Invasion, Rock Area, Comedy Meets Metal, Rockmania, Metallergrillen etc.

with KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, BOLT THROWER a.m.m. “Thrash, ihr Affen – Komm mir nich‘ auf die Tour 2011” in 11 cities all over Germany. Two Full Length CDs, four EPs in 5 years. Recent record “Into the Black” released via SAOL in March 2011. Very good reviews in Rock Hard (8,5/10), Metal Hammer (5/7), Heavy (10/12), Powermetal.de (10/10), Interviews in Rock Hard und Heavy 2011. New record “In hell” already on the starting blocks. Tour already in active planning October/November 2013, Germany and Benelux. Enough of the reading! Check out our different sites for more info and especially dates and locations where you can see us live!.

What you REALLY should know about GODSLAVE?? We makes a clear statement: a stretched middle finger against the daily madness! The message is direct: Music IN – Daily grind OUT: welcome the green zone – your well-deserved time out of the rubbish that you are fed with every day. THRASH METAL from Germany, straight forward!

Thrash Metal from Germany!