Golden Resurrection

Golden Resurrection
Stefan Kack (aka Steven K.) (Bass), Tommy Johansson (Guitar, Back Vocals, Keyboard [since 2008], ReinXeed, Hulex, ex-Majestic Vanguard, ex-Megin), Christian Liljegren (Vocals [since 2008], Audiovision, ex-DivineFire, ex-Narnia, ex-Wisdom Call), Kenneth Lillqvist (Back Vocals, Keyboard), Rickard Gustafsson (Drums, Back Vocals Pantokrator (SWE)), Olov Andersson (Back Vocals, Keyboard Audiovision)

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GOLDEN RESURRECTION plays melodic metal with neoclassical and symphonic & progressive rock elements with lots of harmony vocals.

2008 Tommy ReinXeed guitarist, vocalist in melodic power metal band ReinXeed & Christian Liljegren vocalist & founder of DIVINEFIRE, NARNIA formed the GOLDEN RESURRECTION