Andres Guzman (Guitar Cephalotripsy), Glenn Davis (Guitar), Nate Twyman (Vocals Disgorge (USA)), Jae Vizcaya (Bass), Josh Mauney (Drums), Oscar Padilla (Vocals)

Started in early 2006, San Diego brutal death metal band Gortuary have always had and maintained one goal since their inception, which was to play original music that mixed every element each member looked for in a death metal band.

Playing in a garage doing cover songs of their earliest influences the band was formed by Andres Guzman (guitar), Josh Mauney (drums), and Jae Vizcaya (bass). Soon the three were quickly able to get a full line up with Glenn Davis (guitar), and Oscar Padilla (vocals).

Since then all five quickly started writing music for the intention of being able to play as many shows as possible and getting their name out. Combining elements such as groove, technicality, and catchy lead work, these Californian natives have since found their sound after recording their debut album in late 2007 entitled “Manic Thoughts of Perverse Mutilation” (Sevared Records). Having played many successful shows and festivals around the U.S., they garnished themselves the attention from fans and bands worldwide.

In 2008, Gortuary have since shed their first singer and opted for a more brutal approach with deep guttural vocals. With that being said, the open position for a new singer was fulfilled by Nate Twyman.

Finally having the vocal range desired by the rest of the group, the writing process began for their second album entitled “Awakening Pestilent Beings” (Sevared Records). The writing was now more mature and therefore had more elements of technical prowess as well as structure..

Gortuary is a brutal death metal act from San Diego, Ca

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