Gory Blister

Gory Blister
John St. John (Vocals [since 2012]), Chris (Bass [since 2012]), Raff (Guitar), Joe La Viola (Drums ex-Node), Luca "Necros" Capalbo (Bass Hypnotheticall, Menace, Thanatoid, ex-Cerebra Infest, ex-Funeral Cry, ex-Phobic, ex-Sovran, ex-Funeral Oration), Max (Vocals), Fredrick (Bass), Bruce Teah (Bass), Simone "SyM" Bertozzi (Bass Empyrios, The Modern Age Slavery, Undead), Roberto Gelli (Bass Allhelluja, Dama), Claudio "Clode" Passeri (Vocals Tethra, Hatefiles, ex-Apeiron, ex-Coram Lethe, ex-Summoner), Michele Brustia (Bass ex-Thy Nature), Dome (Vocals), Adry Bellant (Vocals Septycal Gorge, ex-Darkness Thy Counts, ex-Modus Delicti, ex-Neophyte, ex-Nobody, ex-Alice In Darkland, ex-Stygian (ITA), ex-Nuclear Devastation), Daniel Botti (Vocals ex-Node)

GORY BLISTER are an old-school death metal band originally inspired by Chuck Schuldiner’s Death and the Kreator/Pestilence tradition.

It’s no coincidence they made their debut in 1991. After their official debut ART BLEEDS, the album that got the best attention from the audience was SKYMORPHOSIS, providing the band the chance to go on a big European tour, alongside Steve Di Giorgio's Sadus, and Darkane. In the two albums released in the following years, GRAVEYARD OF ANGELS and EARTH-SICK, the latter is worth mentioning, featuring Karl Sanders from Nile, as a special guest on vocals in 2 songs. Eventually, The Fifth Fury could have been the band's ultimate album, but the diehard passion for music, and the challenge to push it forward, has motivated the band to write new material, laying the foundations for the new album entitled 1991.BLOODSTAINED. During the writing process and demoing period of this new effort, the band had the privilege to receive the artistic and impartial consulting from the Godfather of Metal, Jon Zazula (the man who discovered Metallica), with whom the guitarist Raff Sangiorgio got in touch during the promotion of his solo album “Rebirth”. Listening to the demos, Jon Zazula made his criticism on the work in progress, which was seriously taken into consideration by the band, in order to get the best songwriting ever on this new album. 1991.BLOODSTAINED now exists. It’s an album with a selfcongratulatory title, because it recalls the birth date of Gory Blister, even if the lyrics, as in the past, deal with a poetic and visionary perceiving of tragedies and disasters caused by the human race on Earth. DEATH METAL IS A FORM OF ART ! .

Death Metal since 1991

NEW Album "1991 Bloodstained" Release: 28th of September 2018 via Mighty Music Rec.