Grave Desecrator

Grave Desecrator
Márcio Cativeiro (aka Slaughterer) (Drums [Since 2010], Apokalyptic Raids, Bestial Curse, Evil Slaughter, Internal Bleed, Obsin, ex-Raw Raze, ex-SMACK), Valak The Necrogoat (Bass [Since 1998]), Butcherazor (Vocals, Guitar [Since 1998]), Black Sin and Damnation (Guitar [Since 2007]), Gustavo (aka Adrameleck) (Drums [2007-2010], Hellkommander, ex-Apokalyptic Raids, ex-Nocturnal Worshipper, ex-Profecy, ex-Sodomizer), L. Pagani (Drums [2001], session member), Adelson C. Souza (aka Angeldust) (Drums [2010], Diabolic Force (BRA), ex-The Endoparasites), F. Mordor (Vocals [1998-2007])


Black/Death Fucking Outraged Metal to rip your souls apart!!!

Since 1998 misleading your fucking souls!!