Grendel (FIN)

Grendel (FIN)
Jarkko Piipari (Drums), Kari Martikainen (Bass), Mikko Virtanen (Vocals ex-The Sinkage), Jussi Kraft (Guitar), Juha Terrilä (Keyboard), Mika Kivi (Guitar, Back Vocals), J. Blom (Vocals)

GRENDEL wants to introduce you the growling vocals of Mikko Virtanen mixed with Jussi Kraft’s and Mika Kivi’s heavy guitar riffs, Kari Martikainen’s moaring bass lines and melodic keyboards played by Juha Terrilä.

All this built on top of heavy drumming of Jarkko Piipari. It's all about MORE ATTITUDE!.

Metal from Finland since 2000